Tips For Picking Your Myrtle Beach Golf Package

When planning your Myrtle beach golf trip for yourself, a group or your family, there are many Myrtle Beach golf packages to choose from. You can get everything you need with one phone call or one click on the internet. One of the biggest advantages to golf packages is having everything you want to do on your golf trip all bundled together, this also allows you to create a budget or help out determining what the cost will be for each one of your guests. Here are some tips when picking a golf package for your Myrtle Beach golf trip.

1.With over 80 award winning golf courses throughout The Grand Strand in South Carolina your destination should be the first thing to consider. Possibly look at all the great courses and holes Myrtle Beach you or your group want to play on your golf trip. Pick 2 to 5 courses and see if there are any packages that bundle the courses you want to play in one golf package. Some packages allow you to choose courses while others are pre bundled together. The internet is the best resource for finding these packages before calling a travel agency.

2.Determine and set your budget. With the cost of everything being high these days, especially when traveling, trying to get the most out of your dollar is more important than ever. Knowing your budget will allow you to pick your desired Golf Package for you or your group and ensure you will be able to cover all your costs and make the most out of your Myrtle Beach golf trip.

3.Decide what kind of golf package you are looking for. Some packages are all inclusive while others are built to order. Determine if you want to find your own lodging and bundle it together or purchase it separately. Also many packages offer club rentals which allows for you and your group to travel lighter especially if traveling by plane. There are so many great options when picking a package specific to your desired needs. Spend some time and do some research and decide what you want included in your golf package for your Myrtle Beach golf trip.

4.Plan what time of year you want to travel. Even though the courses in Myrtle Beach are open year round they definitely have peak season and off season times of year. This can be a huge deciding factor when picking your golf package. The peak season is the winter months in The Grand Strand. This usually means higher lodging rates and tee time costs. While the summer months tend to be less expensive with cheaper and easier tee times to book especially for group trips. Consider what else you might want to do after your round of golf. Playing Myrtle Beach in the summer gives you the opportunity to enjoy many great activities, especially the beautiful Myrtle Beach coast line and natural preserver and forests after your round of play.

5.With online discounts on golf packages, lodging and tee times you will find tons of deals on golf vacation packages in all price ranges. No matter where you want to play or how many days you want to spend playing golf, there are plenty of deals available. Also there are great spots to eat on and off the golf courses in Myrtle Beach. Inquire when planning or picking a Myrtle Beach golf package if any packages have dining options.

 Do your homework, plan ahead, find your Myrtle Beach golf package and enjoy everything The Grand Strand has to offer year round in South Carolina. 

15 thoughts on “Tips For Picking Your Myrtle Beach Golf Package”

  1. Thanks for this article! Especially for the point about budgeting, it’s so important, but so many people overlook it.

  2. One thing to add, definitely check the difficulty of the course before picking one. I made that mistake before.

  3. Cannot recommend enough for golfers to do their homework. Find something that works for you and don’t settle for the first package you see.

  4. All inclusive packages are the best bang for your buck if you’re going on a golf trip. I’ve done this a few times. Always satisfied.

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