Myrtle Beach Golf IS Trending Again

Myrtle Beach, SC – Since the start of the pandemic, many golf courses were forced to close down operations in Myrtle Beach. As if there was no end in sight, the golf economy seemed to be doomed. 

However, starting last year (2021), the surge of golfers started to slowly return to our beloved city and business started to recover. 
“2022 is looking beautiful for the whole economy here. South Carolina is doing an amazing job with safety and educating business practices” says Paul Rolth, Founder of Myrtle Beach Golf Packages.
Golfers seem to be back to golfing this year. Reports suggest a 50% increase in rounds compared to 2020.
While lodging is quickly filling up and courses becoming fully booked, the future of the golf market in Myrtle Beach is looking bright.

20 thoughts on “Myrtle Beach Golf IS Trending Again”

  1. Wow, fantastic news! Kudos to everyone making this possible, from the golf course staff to the players themselves. Long live Myrtle Beach golfing!

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing more courses reopen their doors. Golf is such a crucial part of our community.

  3. I am thrilled that Myrtle Beach is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Looking forward to great golfing days ahead.

  4. SwingShiftSam

    Fantastic news! Myrtle beach golfing is a unique experience and happy to hear that it is thriving once more.

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