The Three Toughest Finishing Holes: Eagle Nest Golf Club

Title: The Exhilarating Challenge of Eagle Nest Golf Club: The Three Toughest Finishing Holes

Deep in the heart of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, lies a sparkling hidden gem of the world of golf, the Eagle Nest Golf Club. This awe-inspiring course, designed by the renowned architect, Gene Hamm, has seen thousands of golfers challenging their skills against nature and manmade obstacles since 1971. The centerpiece of this sublime juxtaposition of nature and sporting allure is the infamous finishing stretch, aptly named ‘The Nest.’ The final three holes here are more than a little intimidating; they hold reputations as some of the toughest finishing holes ever encountered by even the most seasoned golfers.

Eagle Nest’s final three holes, 16, 17, 18, provide a trifecta of trial and tribulation which tests every facet of a golfer’s arsenal. The path to par on these treacherous trios is lined with strategically placed hazards and unforgiving terrain, demanding precision, strategy, and unequivocal patience.

Starting with the 16th, a par-5, measuring an incredible 528 yards, this hole is the longest at Eagle Nest, an undeniable shot-maker’s dream. The tree-lined fairway, narrow landing area, and strategically placed bunkers push golfers to bring their best drive forward. The hole’s primary defense lies around the green which is well protected by large, undulating bunkers and water hazards. Golfers, beware! The green is smaller than you might anticipate, inviting a precise approach with a moderate fade, a golf shot that starts to the left of the target and gently curves to the right.

Next on the list is the 17th, a lengthy par-3, clocking in at 184 yards. Located on a natural island, this scenic hole has water bodies on all sides, demanding an accurate tee shot to land successfully on the well-guarded, shallow green. Here, novices and professionals alike, often question their club selection, acknowledging the unseen wind that can play tricks on the trajectory. The 17th hole is a true heart-stopper; just one misstep can lead to a watery disaster, making this hole a real game-changer.

Finally, we come to the ultimate test, the finale, the 18th hole. At first glance, this 410-yard par-4 may seem manageable, but the beauty of this hole resides in its surprising complexity. The undulating fairway demands an accurate and aggressive tee-shot. The arrival onto the slope-ridden green requires a long-iron shot, necessitating both accuracy and distance control. A sentinel-like bunker stands guard at the green’s front, acting as a demoralizing sentinel against imperfect shots.

What makes these three holes especially tough is the careful balance between risk and reward that they embody. These holes are not merely about the distance, but the strategic play and precise execution they demand. Dare to take a risky shot and you could end up penalized by the ever-watchful water and sand hazards. But play too cautiously, and you’ll find yourself tallying strokes as you inch towards the elusive green.

But this challenge is exactly what attracts many to Eagle Nest. The course offers a true test of skills, brainpower, and resilience that many other courses lack. This demanding trilogy of holes ensures that every round of golf ends in an exciting climax, a heart-racing flourish of adrenaline and competition. While many have tried, and failed, to conquer ‘The Nest,’ the accomplishment of doing so is beyond gratifying.

The Eagle Nest Golf Club offers one of the most tantalizing golf experiences in Myrtle Beach. It’s a must-play for avid golfers who seek to test their mettle against some of the most challenging, yet beautifully designed finishing holes in the sport. As a local, I can unequivocally say that playing ‘The Nest’ is an exhilarating challenge—a true testament to the timeless spirit of golf.

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  1. Having played ‘The Nest’ a few times, I fully back up everything said here. No other course I’ve encountered embodies the true spirit of golf like Eagle Nest. I once misjudged the 16th hole’s green, ended up in the bunker and shot a triple bogey. It taught me the importance of not only precise shot placement but also the adequate understanding of the terrain. Looking forward to the next round. Great read!

  2. Haven’t had a chance to tee off at Eagle Nest yet, but this blog makes me want to pack up my clubs and head there right now! Just out of curiosity, does anyone have a recommend strategy for handling the wind on the 17th? Sounds like a real bear!

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