The Double Green: Glen Dornoch

Title: The Double Green: A Jewel in Glen Dornoch

Barely a pitching wedge beyond the hubbub of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, lies a golfing haven. Combining enchanting aesthetics, stimulating variety, and the renowned Southern hospitality, Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links is a must-stop for any golfing enthusiast.

Glen Dornoch Waterway Golf Links, an upscale, Clyde Johnston-designed Myrtle Beach golf course, is embraced by the Intracoastal Waterway that is the lifeline of this coastal city. Stretched out over 270 acres of undisturbed terrain untouched by human hands, Glen Dornoch offers an authentic golfing experience that mold perfectly with nature’s beauty.

If you are seeking a unique playing experience, the Double Green, situated at the end of the journey, is a captivating marvel of engineering and design that stands as a testament to this course’s unique beauty.

The Double Green is the shared putting surface for both the 9th and 18th holes at Glen Dornoch. This iconic feature of the course stretches an impressive 15000 sq. ft., making it one of the largest greens in the region. This green’s massive size strategically challenges your distance control and putting skills to the core while exuding a charm that takes golf enthusiasts’ breath away.

Nestled against the serene backdrop of the Intracoastal Waterway, the Double Green presents golfers with panoramic views that are, to put it simply, extraordinary. As players tee off on the ninth hole, they’re thrust into an oceanside journey that culminates in the 18th hole’s sprawling, scenic finish, where the Double Green resides.

The finishing holes, 16ththrough 18th, are among the most scenic and demanding finishers a golfer could crave, descending rapidly into the wetlands with the Waterway creating an amazing backdrop. These three holes, together, are fondly known as ‘The Waterway Gambler.’ But the real game unfolds when, whether a professional or a first-timer, all your skills are put to the golfing test on the colossal Double Green.

However, the mesmerizing vistas and the large expanse of Double Green are just the tip of the iceberg. Equally significant is the superb course conditioning. The greens are always well-maintained and offer a smooth roll, while the fairways, in all their emerald grandeur, are immaculate, making every shot a divine experience.

Furthermore, attaining the perfect balance of challenge and fun, the Double Green’s undulations, flanked by sand bunkers on one side and the Intracoastal Waterway on the other, demand precision and a well-planned strategy. It upraises the golfing challenge in the earlier part of the round, demanding precision while rewarding well-aimed shots.

Then there are factors of wind speed and direction, a further testament cherishing the legacy of traditional Scottish style links courses. The wind off the Atlantic ocean can transform an easy day out on the course into a challenging adventure. You’ll need to account for this ever-changing character of the course when you strategize your game.

Glen Dornoch is intended to summon the spirit of the game’s old-world origins, and, with features like the Double Green, it succeeds. Pleasing to the eye and mind, the Double Green artfully employs the natural lay of the land to craft a course that’s as fun to play as it is beautiful to look at.

It should be mentioned that Glen Dornoch doesn’t just offer an excellent golf course. Its training facilities, accompanied by a traditional Southern-style clubhouse, merge sophistication with historic charm, offering a refined setting for post-match relaxation. Add to this an attentive and welcoming staff, and you have all the elements for a classic golfing experience.

In conclusion, the Double Green at Glen Dornoch offers golfers a test that is both challenging and aesthetically pleasing, presenting reprieve and thrill in equal measure. The uniqueness of the Double Green, along with the stunning natural beauty and the overall quality of the facilities, is sure to linger in the memory of every golfer who tees up at Glen Dornoch. It is indeed a jewel in Myrtle Beach that amplifies the heart and spirit of the Grand Strand.

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  1. Nice write-up! I’ve had the pleasure of playing at Glen Dornoch and I must say, the Double Green is a real gem indeed. The undulations and crosswinds truly provide that Scottish links-style challenge that’s missing in a lot of American courses. But the sight of the Waterway as you finish your round? Priceless.

  2. This course sounds incredible! How does one manage the wind factor on the Double Green? Any tips for a lady golfer planning her first trip to Glen Dornoch next spring?

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