Legends Golf Resort – Moorland Course

Experience the Thrill at Legends Golf Resort’s Moorland Course

Nestled in the golf haven of South Carolina, the Moorland Course at the Legends Golf Resort in Myrtle Beach is renowned for its exceptional quality and challenging plays. As one of the crown jewels of the Grand Strand, the Moorland course designed by P.B. Dye continues to enchant golf enthusiasts with its atmosphere and course layout.

Design and Layout

Walking in the footsteps of his famous father, Pete Dye, P.B. Dye brought forth in Moorland a course that can be best described as a captivating blend of natural beauty and golfing challenge. It mirrors the unforgiving, yet rewarding nature of the famed British Isles golf courses. The Moorland course stretches out over 6,726 yards, par 72, offering a spectacular challenge for even the most seasoned golfers. P.B. Dye included some of his familiar signatures in the design – the use of multi-level fairways and greens, undulating landscapes, deep pot bunkers, and thick patches of native vegetation.

Fairways and Greens

The fairways offer a challenging mixture of wide-open, intricate, uphill, and downhill layouts that maintain intrigue from the first tee to the last. Scenic landscape aside, the greens are equally representative of P.B. Dye’s architectural brilliance. The greens are large, often multi-tiered, and can be incredibly tricky in terms of speed and approach, particularly on holes 4, 13, and 16.

Signature Experience

Hole number 16 of the course is frequently cited as one of the toughest par 4’s in Myrtle Beach. Known as “Hell’s Half Acre,” this hole encapsulates a complete golf challenge with its expansive waste area to water hazard on the right and a narrow green framed by deep bunkers; it is easy to see why this hole is often the talk of the round.

Natural Allure and Amenities

The natural beauty of the Moorland course never fails to impress. It is a scenic delight with its undulating greens blending beautifully with the surrounding verdant terrain and water bodies. The large link-style fairways are woven seamlessly into the native heathland, giving the course an organic, raw appeal unlike any other.

The course’s amenities further heighten the luxurious golfing experience. The resort offers a clubhouse with a pro shop for all golfing essentials and souvenirs. Here, you can also find an “Ailsa Pub,” the perfect place to unwind after an exciting game. The practice facility with a large turf driving range, chipping area and an ample practice putting surface is perfect for warming up before the game or refining your skills.

The Final Verdict

The Moorland Course at Legends Golf Resort stands as the testament of high-quality golf in Myrtle Beach. It embodies a harmony of innate beauty and golfing challenge, delivering a superior golfing experience. However, this course is not for the faint-hearted. With its provocative design and topographical nuances, it requires strategy and precision from the players. But then again, in the realm of golf, isn’t it the challenge that makes the game worth playing?

So whether you’re a seasoned linksman or an enthusiastic amateur, the Moorland Course promises a rewarding round sprinkled with memorable golfing moments. It’s not just a course; it’s an immersive golfing experience that soothes the senses, tantalises the mind, and tests the skills. The result? You leave with a richer appreciation for the game of golf and indelible memories from one of the finest golf courses Myrtle Beach has to offer.

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