Legends Golf Resort – Heathland Course

An Exquisite Golfing Experience: Legends Golf Resort – Heathland Course

Nestled in the heart of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the Legends Golf Resort – Heathland Course is a diamond in the rough. The Heathland Course is a remarkable testament to the grandeur of Scotland’s golfing past, bringing the essence of the jewel of the North Sea to the sunny coasts of the Atlantic.

Design and Layout

Designed by the eminent golf course architect Tom Doak, known for his minimalist, strategic, and naturalistic designs, the Heathland Course stays true to the traditional links-style, reminiscent of classic British Isles golf courses. Commissioned in 1990, it was one of Doak’s early examples of his signature style.

The Heathland Course is a par-71 course spread across a panorama of 6,800 yards. One of the unique features of the course is the absence of boundary delineation. This leads to a more fluid golfing terrain with expanses merging seamlessly into each other. This layout, in addition to offering an immersive experience to the golfers, also presents a refreshing design challenge.

The Heathland Experience

Another standout feature of the Heathland Course is its generous, contoured fairways. The broad landing zones provide a level of forgiveness to wayward shots, which encourages strategic golf by letting players take the risk of aggressive drives without the fear of losing their balls.

But the course isn’t forgiving through and through. It grabs your attention with its strategic bunkering and placing of greens. Some holes feature elevated, quickly sloping greens, posing an exciting challenge for even the most experienced golfer.

The course is punctuated by tall fescue grasses, which add not only to the aesthetic charm of the landscape but also contribute to the playing challenge. They invoke a sense of the coastal Carolina terrain and can turn wayward shots into tricky recovery situations.

A Walk through the Course

The Heathland Course opens with a short par-4, a straightforward hole that lets you ease into the round. Do not let it lull you into a sense of ease; what follows is a steady crescendo of complexity. The par-3 3rd hole, for instance, has a blind tee shot to the green, which is perched intimidatingly atop a hillock.

Once you get to the back nine, you’ll encounter the stunning par-3 17th hole. This one stands out as an example of the course’s architectural brilliance with its nervy pot bunker, teasingly guarding the front of the undulating green.

End Note: For the Love of the Game

While the Heathland Course offers an incredible golfing experience, its appeal transcends the sport. The course is a paradise for nature lovers. With its low-lying vegetation and the wide-open, wind-swept landscape, the course gives you a panoramic view of the Carolina sky, changing hues with the setting sun.

The Legends Golf Resort doesn’t limit itself to just offering a wonderful golfing experience. After a round, you can unwind at the Scottish-style clubhouse that features fantastic dining facilities, and a fully stocked pro shop to cater to all your golfing needs.

To sum it up, the Legends Golf Resort – Heathland Course stays true to Doak’s design philosphy of maximizing natural advantages while minimizing human impact. It is a golfing experience that celebrates the timeless allure of the sport. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a keen amateur, the Heathland Course ensures you a challenging and memorable round of golf.

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  1. I particularly appreciate the broad landing zones at Heathland. Great for players like me who like to push the boundaries.

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