Blackmoor Golf Club

Blackmoor Golf Club: A Golfer’s Paradise

Nestled amidst the sprawling natural landscapes of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina sits the Blackmoor Golf Club, an outstanding golfing venue that flawlessly combines charm, difficulty, and southern hospitality into one. The course is no stranger to golf enthusiasts – and for good reason. Known for its wonderfully maintained fairways, strategically placed challenges, and hypnotic Southern allure, this Gary Player-designed par 72 beauty leaves every golfer with a memorable tale etched in their golfing journey.

An Overview of the Course

The charm of Blackmoor Golf Club is rooted in its rich architectural design, intriguing heritage, and the transformative golfing experience it provides. Carved on land that was once part of the historic Longwood Plantation, Blackmoor’s 18-hole layout stands as a tangible testament to this historical lineage.

Masterfully designed by the Black Knight himself, Gary Player, the methods used to navigate the course plays homage to Player’s famed golfing techniques. Each hole presents a unique challenge that tests both your technical skills and strategic mindset. Spanning a distance of 6,614 yards from the longest tees, Blackmoor offers a mixture of wide-open vistas and narrow tree-lined fairways.

Unforgettable Holes and Challenges

Perhaps the most notable hole, the par-4 8th hole, fondly referred to as “Blackmoor Shortcut,” exhibits the imaginative influence of Gary Player’s design. This dogleg right hole has a shortcut across a risk-filled wasteland that tempts the adventurous golfer, making it a fitting representation of the inventive and diverse challenges you’ll encounter on course.

Other holes, like the par-5 13th hole, lure players with luscious fairways that lead straight to an undulating green protected by bunkers and a large pond on the right, showcasing the constant merging of strategy, precision, and composure demanded by the course.

Exceptional Amenities

Blackmoor Golf Club isn’t solely about the golf though. The club offers impressive amenities designed to heighten your golfing experience. The clubhouse, which mirrors the historic charm of the course, is an ideal spot for relishing a good meal or drink after a round, or even hosting events.

Practice facilities such as a well-manicured driving range, practice greens, and a chipping area are available for those looking to enhance their techniques before or after a round. And of course, the club’s Pro Shop is there to equip you with not just golfing gear, but also the famed Southern Charm.

Golf School and Clinics

For those who are new to the game or desire to improve, Blackmoor offers a top-notch golf school. Located right on-site, the school is steered by experienced golf professionals who offer personalized lessons for individuals and groups, making it a vibrant learning hub for players of all ages and skill levels.

Serene Environment

Beyond the golf, Blackmoor’s serene environment, interspersed with natural marshes, wetlands and groves, allows you to bask in the spellbinding nature and wildlife South Carolina has to offer. Sightings of deers, foxes, and many bird species are common, adding an additional charm to your golfing experience.


Overall, when playing at the Blackmoor Golf Club, you can expect more than just a typical round of golf. From the moment you set foot on this historically rich piece of land to the 18th hole, Blackmoor is an enchanted journey that combines the elements of history, architectural brilliance and nature’s allure to offer a golfing paradise that stimulates senses and imparts unforgettable memories.

Your Myrtle Beach golf trip certainly won’t be complete without a round at the Blackmoor Golf Club. So, pack your bags, ready your clubs, and prepare yourself for an extraordinary golfing adventure drenched in Southern grace and charm.

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  1. I’ve played at Blackmoor, and I can tell you first hand, it’s a tester of both your long game and short game. Gary Player didn’t pull punches when he designed this one, folks! Also, anyone else tempted to take the shortcut on the 8th? Cost me a few balls when I played there.

  2. Wow! Blackmoor Golf Club sounds like quite the experience, especially with southern charm to boot. Does anyone know if they offer women-specific golf clinics?

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