Beachwood Golf Club

The allure of breezy coastal air and the promise of the grassy outdoors attract hundreds of Golf lovers to Myrtle Beach. And if there’s one Golf club that captures the essence of the Myrtle Beach golfing experience, it is Beachwood Golf Club. As a Myrtle Beach local and an avid golf enthusiast, I decided to share my two cents on this iconic Golf club and what it offers to its members and visitors.


Straddled between the North Myrtle Beach and the Atlantic Ocean, the Golf Club offers an unparalleled aesthetic charm that’s hard to find elsewhere. Beachwood Golf Club is advantageously located away from the sprawling city lights yet sufficiently near the lively heart of Myrtle Beach. This makes the club an idyllic spot for an intense golf game or casual out-of-town getaways.

History and Course Design

Having opened its doors to Golf enthusiasts back in 1968, Beachwood Golf club stands as one of the oldest “public” golf courses in the Grand Strand area. The club was designed by the highly esteemed course architect Gene Hamm, known for his diligent approach to landscaping and design. The course sprawls over 180 acres of lush terrain, staying true to the natural beauty of Myrtle Beach. A unique feature of the course is that there are no homes abutting its fairways, ensuring golfers can enjoy their game without any interruption.

Golfing at Beachwood

The Beachwood Golf Club boasts an 18-hole championship layout with tees that accommodate all skill levels. This design ensures that both novice and seasoned golfers, irrespective of their skills, get a fair chance to test their mettle on the course. The golf course offers wide fairways, immense greens, strategically placed bunkers, and water hazards on several holes. The 16th, being a par 3 with water on all sides of the green, is notoriously difficult yet thrilling for golfers.

The club also has a separate chipping and putting green for those who want to refine their short game. Plus, there’s a fully stocked pro-shop for those interested in purchasing top-tier golfing gear and accessories.

Facilities and Services

Beachwood Golf Club is not merely about golfing. The property also offers a range of amenities, including a bar & grill where golfers can celebrate their victory or have a quiet meal. The club also provides professional golf lessons upon request and organizes frequent golf tournaments, keeping the golfing community engaged and challenged.

One of the key offerings of the Beachwood Golf club is its guest service. The club staff are known for their hospitable nature aimed at ensuring a memorable golfing experience for all visitors. They offer assistance, advice, and are keen on maintaining the quality of the course.

Environmental Commitment

One aspect that makes Beachwood standout is its strong commitment to the environment. Their commitment can be noticed in the careful landscaping and maintenance of the course that harmoniously coexists with the local ecosystems and wildlife.


Beachwood Golf Club is more than a golf course; it’s an experience. It’s where the beauty of Myrtle Beach, an impressive course layout, and top-notch facilities create memorable moments and challenging games for golf enthusiasts of all skill levels. It is a genuine treasure for those who appreciate the game of golf and the inherent beauty of nature. If you’re ever in the Grand Strand area, this Golf club certainly deserves a visit!

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