Barefoot Resort – Dye Course

One of the crown jewels of Myrtle Beach golf, the Barefoot Resort – Dye Course offers an experience that balances both the challenge and the beauty of the game, delivering a masterclass in golf course design. Skilfully crafted by the renowned golf course architect, Pete Dye, it stands as both testament to his genius and an affirmation of Myrtle Beach’s reputation as a premier golf destination.

Course Layout and Design

The Barefoot Resort – Dye Course is the epitome of Dye’s distinct style, notably quirky and visually stunning. Par for the course is 72, distributed evenly across 18 meticulously designed holes, each carrying a unique personality and challenge. The course stretches a menacing 7,343 yards from the championship tees, a testament to its caliber as a venue for some of the most significant events in golf.

Immediately striking about the Dye Course is its stunning visual plane, cleverly contoured fairways and greens, strategically-placed bunkers, and the use of native grasses in its vegetation. However, its beauty doesn’t negate its complexity. Each hole requires strategic navigation, precise shots, and careful thought to master penalties such as heavily mounded areas and large waste bunkers lined with grassy knolls.

Signature Holes

Among the golf course’s spectacular layout, a few holes deserve special mention. The 9th, a daunting Par 5, is one of Dye’s signature holes. Playing this hole requires strategic play over water, with bunkers on the front left and a green that slopes heavily from right to left, definitely an endurance test.

The 18th hole is another standout, requiring a drive over a replicated Hell’s Half Acre before presenting you with a green that slopes from front to back, encircled by pot bunkers and a bulkhead wall. Making par on this hole delivers a profound sense of accomplishment.


In addition to an exceptional golfing experience, Barefoot Resort – Dye Course offers top-notch amenities. The 30,000-square-foot Clubhouse, adorned with memorabilia related to Pete Dye, is home to a well-stocked pro shop with all the latest golf equipment and apparel.

The resort also houses a sophisticated dining area boasting the freshest cuisine, a diverse menu, and stunning course views. It isn’t unheard of for golfers here to enjoy a relaxing post-game celebration around the fire pit on the outside patio.

Practice Facility

Perfecting your game becomes a pleasure at the resort’s extensive Practice Facility. Golfers can work on their swings at the large grass driving range, sharpen their short game at the expansive practice green, or perfect bunker play at the specialized chipping areas.


Ultimately, the Barefoot Resort – Dye Course showcases all the elements that make a golf course treasured by amateurs and professionals alike. Its remarkable design by Pete Dye, meticulously manicured greens, and captivating landscape make it one of the most memorable golf experiences in Myrtle Beach. Whether you are an avid golfer seeking some of the hardest courses or a visitor looking to experience Myrtle Beach’s renowned golf culture, the Dye Course at Barefoot Resort is a standout destination.

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  1. Those native grasses and contoured fairways add a level of complexity alright. Makes it even more satisfying when your strategic shots pay off.

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