Azalea Sands Golf Club


Delicately nestled in the heart of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Azalea Sands Golf Club stands as testament to the region’s intent love affair with golf. This captivating golf course, with its uncompromising blend of natural aesthetics and challenging play opportunities, offers an experience to suit every golfer’s dream.

Course Layout

Designed by Gene Hamm in 1972, Azalea Sands Golf Club spans over a vast, gorgeous area of 6900 yards. This 18-hole, par-72 course inspires awe with its spectacular view, beautifully landscaped fairways adorned with an array of colorful azaleas and dogwood trees, and shimmering water bodies that not only enhance the course’s aesthetics, but also come into play on numerous holes.

The emphasis at Azalea Sands is on strategy and precision rather than power. Each hole at Azalea Sands presents a unique challenge, suitable for players of all skill levels. Greens are quite large, undulating and admirably fast, producing many subtly challenging pin placements. The fairways, while generous, require thoughtful navigation due to well-placed bunkers and water hazards.

Club Facilities

Apart from the splendid golf course, Azalea Sands Golf Club also offers an array of facilities that contributes to the overall golfing experience. The fully-stocked pro shop carries a wide variety of golfing equipment and merchandise, enabling golfers to choose from the latest in golf technology and apparel.

A driving range and a putting green are also available, permitting golfers to sharpen their skills before commencing their round. Moreover, the convenience of an onsite snack bar provides golfers a chance to refresh and refuel during the course of their game.

Teaching Programs

Committed to fostering a welcoming environment for players, Azalea Sands Golf Club offers a range of teaching programs particularly aimed at beginners and players keen on improving their game. The professional staff at Azalea Sands Golf Club is ever-ready to offer instruction and tips to enhance your game, from swing mechanics to course strategy.


To say that Azalea Sands Golf Club is just a golf club would be an underestimation. It’s an embodiment of the South Carolinian community’s pride and commitment to the great game of golf. Beautiful, challenging, and accommodating, Azalea Sands is an ode to the charm and challenge of golf. It is a place where nature and game blend beautifully to offer an unparalleled golfing experience, earning a unique position among the golfer’s favorite listings.

In conclusion, Azalea Sands Golf Club, with its simplistic elegance and the welcoming ambiance, is much more than just a golfing destination—it’s a celebration of the sport, and an experience that will leave every golfer eager for another round.

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