Women’s Golf in Myrtle Beach: Celebrating Female Golfers and Courses

The birthplace of many golf champions

Welcome to the charming coastal city of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina: a golfer’s paradise that stands proudly as the minigolf capital of the world and the birthplace of many golf champions. This city is famed for its stunning golf courses that provide a serene environment for all, from avid golf enthusiasts to professional players. In this article, however, we shift the spotlight to the prominent yet somewhat overlooked sector in the Myrtle Beach golf scene: women’s golf.

The Growth of Women’s Golf

Over the years, there has been a remarkable increase in the number of female golfers globally, and Myrtle Beach is no exception. The city has witnessed an influx of women taking up golf, either for leisure or as a professional sport. This surge can be attributed to the continual efforts made by golf clubs to promote and encourage female participation in the sport. In fact, Myrtle Beach currently hosts several women’s golf tournaments, attracting some of the best women players worldwide.

Top Female-Friendly Golf Courses

When it comes to women-friendly golf courses, Myrtle Beach spares no expense. Many of its golf courses offer beginner-friendly green aspects, shorter yardages, golf clinics, and tournaments geared towards women. Here are a few that come highly recommended:

1. The Dunes Golf and Beach Club: Famous for hosting the annual Women’s South Carolina Golf Association Amateur Championship, this club offers a scenic golf course and a family-friendly atmosphere, attracting women golfers of all skill sets.

2. Prestwick Country Club: With its comprehensive golf lesson programs and accommodating yardages, Prestwick offers a versatile course appealing for both novice and skilled players.

3. River Hills Golf Club: Home to the Myrtle Beach Ladies Golf Association, this course is regularly apportioned to offer women-specific games and tournaments.

Female Golf Players from Myrtle Beach

Women’s Golf in Myrtle Beach has produced numerous accomplished players. Legends like Dustin Johnson, a hometown hero who rose to become World Number One; and Carol Mann, a member of the LPGA Hall of Fame, both honed their skills on the distinct courses of Myrtle Beach. Another notable figure is Kelley Hester, who polished her golf skills in the city before becoming Furman University’s women’s golf coach, contributing more to the growth of women’s golf.

The Golf Capital Invites All Women!

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or newly in love with the sport, Myrtle Beach provides a magnificent platform for all women to explore their skills. The city warmly welcomes female golfers, offering beautiful courses balanced with a blend of challenge and fun. Additionally, numerous golf associations and groups welcome female enthusiasts, offering instructional clinics, educational programs and tournaments to foster a love of golf within the community.


As golf continues to manifest as a popular sport for both genders, the remarkable growth of women’s golf in Myrtle Beach has played a significant role in diversifying the game and building a more inclusive golf community. It has cultivated a safe and welcoming environment for women of all ages to not only enjoy the sport but also build their careers. Indeed, Myrtle Beach truly symbolizes and reflects the growth and inclusiveness of women’s golf in the present day.

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