Wild Wing Plantation – Avocet Course

Enveloped in Scenic Charm: Wild Wing Plantation – Avocet Course

Nestled in the heart of South Carolina’s golfing paradise, Myrtle Beach, Wild Wing Plantation’s Avocet Course is a sight to behold. As an ode to natural beauty and a challenge to golfers of all skill levels, this exceptional course leaves an indelible mark on its visitors with its picturesque setting and formidable layout.

Mastering the Art of Course Design

Conceptualized by golf architecture maestros Willard Byrd and Larry Nelson in 1993, the Avocet Course extends across an impressive 7127 yards. It embodies their vision to create an immersive golfing experience wherein golfers could appreciate both nature’s splendor and the thrill of the game.

Taming the Greens: Course Layout

The Avocet Course jumps straight into action with a par-5 opening hole that plunges into a fairway split by wetlands, an early glimpse of the challenges that lay ahead. A barrage of water features throughout the course adds glittering punctuation marks to the verdant scenery while also serving as strategic hurdles to keep even the most proficient golfers on guard.

Savor the Birdie Moments

Manufactured for memorable strokes, the course features several high-risk, high-reward opportunities. The 308-yard 14th hole, fondly called “Area 51”, for instance, invites golfers to take a daring shot over water to reach the green.

Moreover, the 6th hole, owing to its split fairway, allows golfers two choices on the tee – an easier route to the left or a riskier drive over water to the right. These strategic gambles inject an element of excitement that ensures no two rounds at the Avocet Course are identical.

A Bird-Watcher’s Haven

It’s not just golf that the course entices. Named after the Avocet, a long-legged, web-footed shorebird, the course also boasts being a sanctuary for ornithologists and bird watchers. Consequently, while engaging in the full-throttle golfing action, you could be serenaded by the chirping of diverse native bird species or witness a squadron of ducks cascading down into the shimmering lakes.

Hospitality On Point

Wild Wing Plantation recognizes that the golfing experience goes beyond just the course. Its amenities ensure that visitors are catered for on all fronts. Dining facilities serve delectable fare, and the impressive pro shop stocks everything a golfer could need, from tees and clothing to personalized club fitting. Thinking about working on your swing? The lighted practice facility, complete with numerous target greens, a chipping green, and a sand bunker, is available for golfers wanting to hone their skills.

Adding to the Sheen: Course Maintenance

The Avocet Course evinces meticulous maintenance, which contributes to its stellar status. The Bermuda grass fairways remain lush, courtesy of the year-round pristine conditions, enhancing the playing experience. Greens are kept meticulously, offering smooth and fast surfaces that meet professional standards.

In Conclusion: A Golfing Gem

The Wild Wing Plantation’s Avocet Course, with its innovative design and remarkable amenities, is undeniably a standout among Myrtle Beach’s golf courses. Its fusion of difficulty and playability, decorated with natural aesthetics, makes it an irresistible lure for golfers. Here at the Avocet Course, you are not just playing a round of golf; you are embarking on an unforgettable journey across South Carolina’s captivating landscape.

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