Unusual Golf Course Features: Discoveries in Myrtle Beach

Title: Unusual Golf Course Features: Discoveries in Myrtle Beach

Golf courses are known for being meticulously designed with the careful placement of each bunker, water trap and green canopy playing a substantial role in your game. But what if I told you that the golf courses are not just about the game? Welcome to a world where the typical golf course vistas meld with the unusual, the quirky, and the unexpected – welcome to the golfing Mecca: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach, nestled along the beautiful South Atlantic Coast, is a golfer’s paradise, featuring more than 100 championship golf courses. What sets Myrtle Beach’s courses apart are their unique and at times unusual features – elements that capture the imagination, challenge the game, and create unforgettable golf experiences.

First on the list we explore is the Wizard Golf Club. The hauntingly beautiful castle-like clubhouse is the unusual feature that adds an ethereal touch to the course. But the architectural peculiarities don’t stop at the clubhouse. Dramatic mounding, cliffs, and sunken fairways combine with challenging elevations and thick vegetation to create a truly differentiated experience.

Next in line is World Tour Golf Links that offers golfing connoisseurs a rare treat. Here, golfers can sample some of the most famous golfing holes from around the world – reimagined and recreated in Myrtle Beach. You’ll tee-off on holes emulating Augusta National, St. Andrews, and even Pine Valley within a single round. This unusual offering takes you on a voyage around the world without necessitating a passport.

Aberdeen Country Club presents a different kind of curiosity to golfers. On Long’s Nine, you’ll find the unsual “Volcano Hole”. An elevated green shaped like a volcano, surrounded by water, requires precision to make par. Unusual as the hole is, it merges naturally with the layout of the course, providing a unique challenge and ensuring no two holes feel the same.

Prepare yourself for a journey to the Wild West at the Waterway Hills Golf Club. This club provides you a unique means of getting to the first tee box – a gondola ride! Situated on the Intracoastal Waterway and separated by it, the gondola journey sets an exciting tone before you even hit your first ball.

Another unusual feature of Myrtle Beach courses is the extensive use of native flora and fauna that creates an authentic Lowcountry experience. The Caledonia Golf & Fish Club is a perfect example, peppered with flora like 200-year-old oaks dripping with Spanish moss, indigenous cypresses, and flowering shrubs. Besides, you can enjoy the sight of local wildlife like deer, foxes, otters, and a variety of bird species.

Then we have the Legends Golf Resort, where the juxtaposition of courses provides a peculiar and exciting golf mix. Here, you can glide from playing the Scottish links-style Moorland Course, the free-flowing Heathland Course, to the traditional layout of the Parkland Course, all within the same day.

Tiger’s Eye Golf Links takes our journey of discoveries to a glistening close. Considered the crown jewel of the Ocean Ridge Plantation’s “Big Cats” courses, Tiger’s Eye features impressive fairways and TifEagle Bermuda greens. Unusually, gleaming waste areas filled with crushed coquina shells will also catch your eye – doubly effective as a penalty area and visual delight.

The golf course landscape in Myrtle Beach goes way beyond the typical detailing of sand, greens and fairways. Architects have outdone themselves to create layouts rich with unusual features that intertwine with the environment, the culture, and the magic of the game. So, next time you think of a golfing retreat, head to Myrtle Beach. You might end up not just playing golf but experiencing a cornucopia of unusual features and distinct landscapes.

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  1. I tell you, the World Tour Golf Links sounds like a dream for someone like me who’s got a serious case of wanderlust (and a deep love for golf!). It sure seems like you get the best of both worlds – golf and world tour, all without leaving Myrtle Beach. Can you imagine being transported to Augusta National and St. Andrews without any jetlag? Sign me up! 🙂

  2. Interesting how you’ve highlighted the unusual features of the Myrtle Beach courses – I’ve always appreciated the intricate architectural elements that often go unnoticed. The ‘Volcano Hole’ certainly sounds like a fun challenge, and the gondola ride at the Waterway Hills Golf Club…well, that would be a first! Question, have any of these architectural oddities interfered with the usual play or are golfers generally fascinated by them?

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