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Welcome to Thistle Golf Club: A Coastal Treasure

Tucked away on the shimmering coastline of South Carolina lies a hidden treasure: Thistle Golf Club. Located in Calabash, a fishing town famous for “Calabash-Style” seafood, Thistle Golf Club marries natural beauty with impressive architecture to create a uniquely splendid golfing experience.

Historical Blend

Thistle Golf Club draws on the rich history of the ancient Scottish game, infusing it into every branch and leaf. Graced with a charmingly nostalgic Clubhouse that harkens back to the old country, Thistle is a club like no other. The 27-hole course echoes the spirit and tradition of the earliest links style courses, which will undoubtedly resonate with purists desiring a timeless golf experience.

Course Layout and Ambiance

Designed by renowned golf course architect Tim Cate, Thistle Golf Club’s layout cleverly intertwines three 9-hole courses: the Stewart, Cameron, and MacKay. The differing levels of difficulty displayed in these individual courses ensure that golfers of all skill levels are adequately challenged yet thoroughly entertained.

Each course displays a distinctive character, with a variety of terrain and captivating landscapes that create a picturesque orchard where golf and nature harmoniously blend. Well-groomed fairways, meticulously manicured greens, and an abundance of native grasses, wetlands, and water hazards provide both challenge and pleasure for all types of golfers.

Facilities and Amenities

Thistle Golf Club is not just a course but an experience. The Clubhouse, a replication of a traditional Scottish design from the 1800s, signifies prestige and class, inviting members and guests to take a step back in time. Inside, one finds an assortment of amenities, which include a pro shop stocked with premium golf gear and a restaurant and bar offering mouth-watering culinary delights.

The comprehensive practice facilities featuring a spacious driving range, a chipping area, and perfectly manicured putting greens, allow golfers to hone their skills before embarking on their round.

Golfing Experience

The unmatched combination of design intrigue and breathtaking scenic elements makes Thistle Golf Club a true golfer’s paradise. Whether a golf novice or an accomplished player, you will encounter generous landing areas that encourage aggressive shots and large, undulating greens that test your mettle.

Among many memorable holes, the par-5 8th hole on the MacKay course stands out. It is considered Thistle’s signature hole. The hole, which provides a panoramic view of the whole course, is set with a water hazard to the right, and it presents the golfer with a delightful challenge.

Impressive Reviews and Recognitions

True to its high standards, Thistle Golf Club has garnered praise from various quarters. Some of the accolades include being ranked among the “Top 100 Fairways” by Golf For Women magazine and earning a spot in the “Top 25 Courses in South Carolina” by Golf Advisor.

Community Outreach

A jewel of the South Carolina coastline, Thistle Golf Club also takes on the role of supporting local communities. Hosting several charity tournaments throughout the year, the Club has a rich history of giving back to the region it proudly inhabits.


All in all, it’s easy to see why Thistle Golf Club is the golf lover’s dream. The harmonious fusion of timeless Scottish heritage, mesmerizing coastal landscapes, superior golfing challenges, and top-tier amenities leave every golfer yearning for more. As the sun sets, casting long shadows over the pristine fairways, one can’t help but feel a part of something timeless at Thistle, a true golf sanctuary right here in South Carolina.

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  1. I’ve always loved historical golf courses, so Thistle Golf Club sounds like an incredible experience. Any tips for playing the Cameron course?

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