The Vast Fairways and Native Grasses: True Blue Plantation

Title: The Vast Fairways and Native Grasses: A Stroll Through True Blue Plantation Golf Course

Sculpted against the captivating backdrop of Myrtle Beach, the True Blue Plantation harks back to the grandeur of traditional Southern charm. The courses here are as meticulously designed as they are spectacular, an embodiment of golfing heritage and attachment to the sport’s roots. Step onto the green and you’ll become mesmerized by the sprawling vast fairways, studded with native grasses that ebb and flow like ocean waves. But True Blue Plantation isn’t just about aesthetics. This golfing delight presents a challenging, yet rewarding experience for all golfers.

Created by leading golf course architect Mike Strantz, True Blue Plantation boasts of broad fairways and expansive greens that conjoin seamlessly with intricately designed risk-reward holes. All these, settled beautifully into the natural terrain, results in a majestic course layout that tempts golfers into returning for ‘just one more round’.

The majestic beauty of True Blue Plantation is realized in the expansiveness of its fairways. The characteristically vast, rolling fairways wrap elegantly around the lakes and along the tall pines. Each stretch of the land integrates flawlessly with the natural landscape, creating an environment that feels as though it was ordained by Mother Nature herself. Strantz understood the allure of such expanses as a critical aspect of the game – a canvas on which the rhythm and the challenges of golf converge.

Complementary to the fairways are the course’s vibrant native grasses. These grasses, shifting subtly with the breeze, are a testament to the plantation’s commitment to preserving the local ecosystem. They add to the aesthetic appeal of the courses, swaying rhythmically to the rhythm of the Oceanfront winds, offering golfers a taste of nature’s harmonic dance. The effect is a calming beauty that still retains the bite of a challenging sporting session.

Strantz, known for his minimalist design philosophies, ensured that True Blue Plantation retained as much of the original ground contouring as possible. This results in strategic depressions and mounds scattered across the fairways, leading to a fascinating blend of natural and artificial landscape designs, enhancing the playing experience.

The native grasses of True Blue – mostly the lovegrass and the bluestem – also play a crucial role in course strategy. They line the fairways and surround greens, waiting eagerly to trap stray balls. Regardless, it’s hard not to appreciate their beauty, even as you rescue your ball from them.

True Blue is justifiably proud of its tees and greens. The tees – which include Strantz’s unique elevated tee boxes – are large and receptive, allowing golfers a launchpad for their strokes. Greens are undulating and vast with surfaces running true. They provide excellent putting surfaces and carefully integrated run-up areas that enable a wide array of shot selections.

The design superiority of True Blue Plantation is staunchly backed by excellent maintenance. The fairways remain pristine, greens retain their speed and consistency, and native grasses are always lush and inviting. Every corner of the course resonates with well-maintained natural beauty and superb condition that not just enhances gameplay but lends golfers that sense of golfing ideal – a connection with the heart of the sport.

True Blue offers five distinct tee areas, allowing players of all skill levels to enjoy the course. From beginners looking to soak up the experience of playing in a masterpiece of golf architecture, to seasoned golfers looking for challenging hole layouts, True Blue Plantation proves to be a versatile and accommodating venue.

While the sheer beauty of True Blue Plantation is likely to capture the heart of every golfer, what cements its place as a top-tier golf destination is the quality of golfing experience it offers. Combining a meticulous attention to detail, an emphasis on natural preservation, a challenging course design and an unparalleled backdrop, True Blue Plantation flawlessly merges the sport with nature’s artistry.

Time is suspended once you step onto the True Blue Plantation golf course. It’s not just nature, the vast fairways, the native grasses, or the fresh oceanic breeze. It’s the unique blend of all these elements, offering an immersive golf experience that is all at once challenging, gratifying and awe-inspiring. Playing at True Blue is more than an athletic activity; it’s an intimate communion with nature, a dance with the wind, and a celebration of the game in the heart of one of South Carolina’s most breathtaking landscapes.

2 thoughts on “The Vast Fairways and Native Grasses: True Blue Plantation”

  1. I’ve never played on a course designed by Strantz before, but after reading this, True Blue Plantation is now on my bucket list! Can anyone share tips on tackling the native grasses though? They sound beautiful but punishing for the unwary golfer. Haha, I’d rather admire their beauty without having to fish my balls out of them.

  2. Just played a round at True Blue last week and I can attest to everything in this piece. The native grasses are truly a sight to behold, and the fairways are impeccably maintained. The greens really are like an ocean wave, they just roll on forever. It’s a unique and challenging golf experience I’d readily recommend to any avid golfer. Strantz’s design approach really does work wonders.

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