The Most Rewarding Golf Course Holes in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, known as the ‘Golf Capital of the World,’ is not just a moniker but an ode to the paradise it provides to golfers. With over 100 meticulously manicured golf courses, Myrtle Beach has something special to pique every golf enthusiast’s interest. While all these golf courses provide unique challenges, there are a few standout holes that are not just aesthetically pleasing but provide a stimulating challenge. Let’s focus on some of the most rewarding golf course holes in Myrtle Beach.

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club – Hole 13

The 13th hole at The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, majestically named ‘Waterloo,’ winds its way around Lake Singleton from start to finish. Here the architecture of Robert Trent Jones comes alive with a strategic water hazard that tests your cognitive skills along with your golfing prowess. A dogleg right par-5 hole of 640 yards, Waterloo has a reputation as one of the best and most challenging holes in golf. This rewarding hole leaves players basking in the glow of achievement for surviving ‘Waterloo.’

Caledonia Golf and Fish Club – Hole 18

A beautiful plantation-style layout framed by centuries-old live oak trees, the Caledonia Golf and Fish Club offers a charming course. The 18th hole presents a pleasing yet challenging avenue filled with oaks draped in Southern moss. You’ll need a long, precise approach over water to reach the peninsula green, making it one of the most challenging holes to conquer in Myrtle Beach. Standing on the clubhouse porch, collecting your applause remains one of the most unique experiences for golfers.

Tidewater Golf Club – Hole 12

Seemingly caressing the Cherry Grove, the Tidewater Golf Club presents an enticing amalgamation of beauty and challenge. The 12th hole here, a 198-yard par 3, is considered one of the toughest. The golfer is treated to stunning views of the marsh and Cherry Grove Inlet but has to tussle with a cool ocean breeze along with a tilted green. A successful shot under these conditions makes this hole highly rewarding.

King’s North at Myrtle Beach National – Hole 6

King’s North, designed by the legendary Arnold Palmer, is a crown jewel amongst the golfing circles known for its unforgettable holes. The 6th hole, aptly named ‘The Gambler,’ a par-5, boasts a unique layout that encourages players to gamble. Golfers can choose the traditional route or the risky, island-fairway for a potential eagle. This hole’s design intrigues golfers, making the success of navigating it exceptionally rewarding.

The Legends Resort – Moorland – Hole 16

At The Legends Resort – Moorland Course, you will encounter the famed 16th hole, also known as ‘Hell’s Half Acre.’ A par 4 that stretches 260 yards from the furthest tees, this hole has a large waste area with sinister pot bunkers and a peninsula green that demands nothing less than an accurate shot. Successfully crossing this challenge gives golfers an incomparable sense of achievement.

Heritage Club – Hole 18

The Heritage Club, boasting Spanish moss-draped oaks, presents the 18th hole as its crown jewel. A rare par-5 hole over 470 yards, an ancient oak tree stands guard in the middle of the fairway, requiring golfers to strategize their shots. The challenge gets severe with the entrance to the green guarded by water which accentuates the joy of successful completion of this hole.

Myrtle Beach’s golf courses are undoubtedly enchanting, with their remarkable landscaping and strategic hole designs. Each hole mentioned above has a unique feature that doesn’t just pose a challenge but offers an immense sense of accomplishment. Whether it’s the victorious walk after surviving Waterloo, applause on the porch at Caledonia, or the thrill of successfully taking ‘The Gambler,’ these holes are bound to add an unforgettable memory to your golfing journey in Myrtle Beach. They are must-try for any golf enthusiast venturing to this beautiful golfing capital.

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