The Island Greens: Pawleys Plantation

Title: Discover the Island Greens: A Review of the Iconic Pawleys Plantation

As a dedicated golf enthusiast and a resident of sunny Myrtle Beach, it’s a pleasure to share the island greens’ unique experience at Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club. Established in 1988, Pawleys Plantation is the crowning gem in the ‘Golf Capital of the World’—Myrtle Beach. Designed by legendary golfer, Jack Nicklaus, it continues to attract a steady stream of golfers with its stunning layout, challenging play, and picturesque southern charm.

As you enter the grand Spanish-style clubhouse, you’re treated to a panoramic view of the 18th green framed against antebellum style oaks draped in Spanish moss— a heart capturing fusion of nature and the centuries-old aristocracy.

The hallmark of Pawleys Plantation is its intricate Island Green design. The 13th and 17th holes, the heart of the back nine, present an exceptionally unique golfing challenge. Set amid the vast saltwater marsh, these greens parallel the Pawleys Inlet and the magnificent Atlantic coastline. This location provides a beautiful and natural water hazard, turning each stroke into a test of skill, strategy, and courage.

The 13th hole, commonly known as ‘Shortest Par-5 in South Carolina,’ is a mere 130 yards par-3 steeped in deceptive complexity. The relatively small green ensconced by the marsh requires precise shot-making, even more with unpredictable coastal winds. Added to that, the tidal changes can dramatically affect your club selection. Golfers need a deft touch to master this hole successfully.

On the other hand, the 17th hole, a par-3 of 145 yards, offers a larger putting surface, but the surrounding water hazards are still very much in play. With the Atlantic breezes often making an appearance, club selection becomes a key factor, coupled with a perfect launch direction to land the ball safely on the green.

Beyond these infamous island greens, Pawleys Plantation offers more to keep you on your toes. The course uniquely blends the lowcountry landscape with strategic features to create a pleasurable challenge for all skill levels. The natural wetlands, towering pines, and oaks stretching across 582 acres offer a stark contrast to each hole’s demands.

Importantly, Pawleys Plantation is more than just a golf course. The comfort level and amenities offered mirror the opulence of southern hospitality. The estate stays true to its plantation heritage with a touch of luxury at every turn. Its elegant 4,500-square foot clubhouse, full-featured pro shop, practice range, putting green, and an exquisite restaurant and bar make it an all-inclusive golf haven.

The culinary excellence at the Palmetto Pub is commendable, which serves exceptional dishes showcasing local flavors. Here, golfers can unwind after a challenging round, sharing camaraderie over a cold drink and spectacular views of the 18th green.

Moreover, the resort demonstrates a deep commitment to environmental sustainability. Being a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, it ensures its grounds harmonize with the surrounding ecosystem to accommodate the local flora and fauna. It’s not unusual for golfers to catch glimpses of alligators, deer, and an array of bird species while out on the course.

In recent years, Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club has gained recognition for its contribution to the golfing world in Myrtle Beach. Its favorable mentions in notable publications, including Golf Digest and Golf Magazine, are a testament to its sustained excellence.

However, the magic of Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club lies in more than just the golf or amenities. Its sense of tranquility, sprawling natural vistas, and unique fusion of golfing tradition resonate deeply with those who walk its lush fairways.

So, golfers, pack your clubs and set your course for Pawleys Plantation Golf & Country Club. Unveil the island greens’ secrets and experience a golfing adventure that enlightens as much as it challenges. Win or lose on the emerald turf, you’ll leave with an enriched appreciation for the sport and the timeless allure of Myrtle Beach golfing. The Island Green of Pawleys Plantation awaits!

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  1. GolfGuru_Jennifer

    Interesting read. Never been to Pawleys Plantation before but your description makes it sound like an exceptional golfing locale. Could you perhaps share some insights on the best time of year to visit for favorable golfing conditions?

  2. Well, having played Pawleys Plantation a few times myself, I have to say you’ve captured the essence of the place perfectly! That 13th hole is a beast, short but oh so tricky. I think it’s got my number. And that restaurant – pure class! Anybody else tried their shrimp and grits? To die for!

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