The Island Greens and Oyster Shells: Oyster Bay Golf Links

Title: Embracing The Allure: The Island Greens and Oyster Shells of Oyster Bay Golf Links

Akin to a sunlit sea pearl resting in the midst of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Oyster Bay Golf Links is a celebrated gem treasured by devoted golfers. Noted for its diverse, challenging greens and rich history blended with sublime scenic beauty, Oyster Bay makes an enchanting impression on the heart of every player.

This exquisite course, built in 1983, is the brainchild of famed architect Dan Maples, who describes it as – “a tribute to the land and water”. Maples, with an artistic flair and reverence for the natural setting, has wrought a distinctive 18-hole layout here. With its lush island greens interspersed with marsh-oriented holes, he’s created a par-70 masterpiece that continues to challenge even the most experienced golfer.

Entering Oyster Bay, one is quickly enveloped with a sense of awe and anticipation. The course starts off in a lenient manner with a par 5 to help you settle in. However, it soon ramps up the challenge. For instance, the third hole presents an island green par 3, asking for precision and care to avoid a potentially ruinous dip into the hazard. This is where Oyster Bay starts differentiating itself, affirming why it was named the ‘Resort Course of the Year’ in 1984 by Golf Digest.

The fifth hole, a par 4, offers a unique experience with fairways bordered by alligators sunning in the marshy water hazards. Yet, it’s not just the golfing hazards that make Oyster Bay a standout. The utilization of the natural oyster shells in the course landscaping is a fascinating testament to the site’s history, providing a distinctive Carolina touch.

Arriving at the 13th tee, a panoramic vista with a tableau of marshes, birds, and leaping fish welcomes you. Such captivating natural surprises make Oyster Bay distinct, coaxing you into a profound golf-drunk delight. This intersection of the sport and nature evokes a sense of dynamic tension that enhances focus and engagement.

The 17th and 18th holes reveal the crowning glory of Oyster Bay. Here, the expansive lake bears two island greens, mesmerizing the onlooker with stunning water spectacles that epitomize Maples’ vision of merging earth and water. This uphill battle demands a combination of strategic prowess, precise strokes, and extraordinary nerve, making for an unforgettable ending to a round.

Beyond the exceptional design, Oyster Bay is equally meticulous about the quality of its greens. The management is committed to maintaining the greens with the highest standards, providing a smooth, reliable base for putting in all seasons.

Such a profound devotion to maintaining course excellence has not gone unnoticed by the golfing fraternity. In recognition of its rare blend of beauty and the test it offers, Oyster Bay was presented the “Best New Resort Course” by Golf Digest and remains a member of the esteemed Golf Digest’s list of “America’s Top 50 Courses for Women.”

Oyster Bay Golf Links impresses not only with its frontrunning design but also through its commitment to sustainable golfing practices. It was given the coveted status of “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” by Audubon International. This celebrates the course’s commitment to maintaining a balanced ecosystem and reducing its environmental footprint.

But, Oyster Bay is not just suited for experienced golfers longing for a challenge. With its range of tees, it caters excellently to golfers at every level, from absolute beginners to seasoned veterans. Various clinics and training programs provided by PGA professionals add further appeal for those venturing into the world of golf.

With impeccable service offered at its clubhouse and the Legends Golf Resort, Oyster Bay has become an all-inclusive experience you’ll never want to miss.

Oyster Bay Golf Links has turned decades old, still fulfilling the dream of architect Maples and continuing to enchant players with its timeless charm. From its unique use of oyster shells to its wonderfully daring island greens, this course is truly one of the precious pearls of Myrtle Beach, a perfect testament to the area’s rich maritime heritage.

Experiencing a round or more at Oyster Bay Golf Links is akin to playing through a scenic masterpiece that provides more than a challenging game. It offers to satiate your senses and surpass a golfer’s expectations on every front, whether it’s the immersive play experience or the captivating serenity that imbues this golfing haven. It’s a golfing experience that you won’t forget – and that will surely bring you back again and again to these island greens and oyster shells.

In conclusion, be you a novice or a seasoned golfer, Oyster Bay Golf Links promises unforgettable golfing adventures. From the mesmerizing blend of water and land in the layout, the scenic beauty, to the proud oyster shells dotting the course, it truly exemplifies the quintessence of Myrtle Beach’s golfing scene!

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  1. SmoothSwingJerry

    As a frequent visitor to Oyster Bay, I’ve always admired the way it seems to honor and appreciate the natural environment while also providing a memorable and challenging course. Not to mention, the sight of alligators sunning themselves does add a whole new meaning to the term ‘water hazard’! Always a pleasure to play here.

  2. This place sounds absolutely stunning! Would it be suitable for someone relatively new to golf? Have to say that the ‘alligator water hazards’ might take a bit of getting used to, though! Was wondering if they do intensive training programs for newcomers?

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