The Golf Economy: Impact of Golf Tourism in Myrtle Beach

Title: The Golf Economy: Unraveling the Impact of Golf Tourism in Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach, affectionately known as the “Golf Capital of the World,” is home to over 100 world-class golf courses, each uniquely adorned by Mother Nature’s splendor. Prominent among the Grand Strand attractions, golf contributes significantly to Myrtle Beach’s regional economy. This article focuses on the ramifications of this ‘golf economy’ through an investigative tour of Myrtle Beach.

The Golf Economy: Economic Impact

Annually, golf in Myrtle Beach contributes over $2.59 billion to the Grand Strand’s economy. According to the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, golf courses, package providers, accommodations, restaurants, and retail stores gain significantly from golf tourism. This multi-billion-dollar industry employs more than 17,000 individuals across the Myrtle Beach area, further driving the locale’s growth.

Direct Economic Influence

Primarily, the direct economic impact of golf tourism manifests in the increased profits of golf courses and package providers. With approximately 1.2 million visiting golfers per annum, the Myrtle Beach golf industry sees substantial revenues. The constant flow of golf tourists seeking exceptional golfing experiences means consistent business for these establishments.

Accommodations and restaurants equally revel in the benefits of the golf-centered influx. Golf tourists often spend several days or weeks in Myrtle Beach, residing in local hotels and enjoying the culinary delights of the region, thereby also further fueling the tourism sector.

Indirect Economic Impact

Beyond the direct inflows, golf tourism has numerous indirect impacts on Myrtle Beach’s economy. Local businesses in the area, ranging from sports equipment shops to those offering repair and maintenance services, see a surge in demand, driven by the golfing fraternity.

Importantly, the overall tourism sector leverages the popularity of golf in Myrtle Beach. Tourists attracted by the allure of the immaculate greens often also end up exploring the gorgeous sandy beaches, amusements, parks, and the rich local culture and history, expanding the economic spillover of the golf economy.

The Employment Aspect

The golfing industry is a significant employment generator for Myrtle Beach and its surrounding locales. It accounts for more than 17,000 jobs, contributing over $507 million in wage income. The employment isn’t limited to the links alone. Hotels, restaurants, and other support industries need a sizable workforce, further expanding the job market.

The Golf Economy and Infrastructure

The golfing frenzy’s indirect influence also spreads to the realm of infrastructure. With the increase in the golf tourist population, the demand for improved transport, accommodation, and other physical infrastructure grows. This leads to enhanced land development and property values in and around Myrtle Beach.

Moreover, the yearly influx of golfing tourists promotes the development of better roadways, airports, and public amenities, which eventually benefit non-golfing residents and tourists.


Looking at the vast economic landscape shaped by golf, it is clear that this sport is a significant driver of Myrtle Beach’s overall economy. The sport does not merely provide an escape for enthusiasts but also offers livelihoods and enhances the financial health of the region.

The golf ball’s momentous journey from tee to hole truly signifies an economic ripple effect that impacts all sectors. The golf economy in Myrtle Beach is undoubtedly lush, green, and thriving, just like its magnificent golf courses. However, sustaining this needs constant nurturing of both golf infrastructure and the golfing experience that has set Myrtle Beach apart on the world golf map.

2 thoughts on “The Golf Economy: Impact of Golf Tourism in Myrtle Beach”

  1. I started visiting Myrtle Beach for the golf, but fell in love with the whole area. Good to know that my little habit has been doing more good than just improving my swing. Absolutely loved that line about the golf ball’s journey being an ‘economic ripple effect’- very poetic! Now, who can recommend a good place to grab a bite after a long day on the course?

  2. An eye-opening article for sure! The sheer economic impact of golf on Myrtle Beach is something I hadn’t fully appreciated, even though I come over every year for a round or two. It kind of makes me proud to know that we golfers are playing such a part in stimulating the local economy!

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