The Former LPGA Tour Venue: Wachesaw Plantation East

Title: A Gem from the Past: The Former LPGA Tour Venue, Wachesaw Plantation East

Located in the heart of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Wachesaw Plantation East stands as a testament to golfing prestige and history. This former LPGA Tour venue unfolds a unique golf experience that is deeply entrenched in the traditions of the game. By virtue of its remarkable design, lush landscapes, and legendary standing in the world of professional golf, Wachesaw Plantation East invites golfers from around the globe to step onto its rolling fairways.

For three consecutive years, between 1997 and 1999, Wachesaw East was chosen to host the LPGA Tour’s City of Hope Myrtle Beach Classic, earning it the illustrious title of an LPGA Tournament Venue. The contestants and spectators were treated to a showcase of skill and strategy, immersed in an environment that blended Southern charm with golfing tradition.

Designed by Clyde Johnston, the impressive course layout reflects the best attributes that Scottish golf-style landscapes have to offer. Transposed to the American southeast, Wachesaw East transforms the golfer’s experience with undulating fairways and greens, accompanied by unforgettable vistas.

Each hole on the 6,933-yard, par-72 layout brings its own character to the course. The compelling features of the course such as the meandering rivers, ancient oak forests, and the freshwater lakes blend seamlessly with the natural wetlands and rolling fairways. A walk through Wachesaw East feels like a journey into the heart of golf itself, a sentiment echoed by many who have played and loved this course.

The course is designed to challenge and engage players of all skill levels with its demanding tee shots and the strategic placement of bunkers. The 12th, a daring downhill par-3, and the 18th, a robust par-5 that winds its way back toward the plantation-style clubhouse, are star features.

The third hole, especially known as “Vesey’s Venture,” is the signature hole of the Wachesaw Plantation East, named after Irish immigrant Steele Vesey who, in the late 1700s, operated a ferry across the Waccamaw River.

However, Wachesaw Plantation East is not just about golf. The venue’s spacious and scenic surroundings have been leveraged to host a variety of events, from weddings to corporate outings. The venue’s charm, combined with southern hospitality, has also given rise to a thriving local community of residents who proudly call it home.

Golfers keen to improve their game can avail of the services offered at Wachesaw’s top-rated golf academy. Under the watchful eyes of experienced professionals, one can fine-tune their technique, ensuring golfers get the most out of their gameplay at this former PGA venue.

Consistently voted one of the ‘Top 50 Courses in Myrtle Beach’, Wachesaw Plantation East’s emphasis on preserving the natural environment while providing a challenging golf venue is admirable. The careful maintenance of this historically significant site, while it contributes valuable space for nature, also bears witness to momentous golf championships of the past.

Wachesaw Plantation East continues to remain a beacon of South Carolina’s treasured golf culture, even two decades after it bore witness to the awe-inspiring performances of LPGA professionals. Today, it stands as a tangible link between past and present, treasuring the memories of the legendary LPGA Tour while continuing to create new ones for both local golfers and those that come from afar.

Upon entering Wachesaw Plantation East, one can almost hear the whispers of cheers from the crowds that once adored the winning putt, providing a quality of experience that would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

To conclude, Wachesaw Plantation East is a living monument to the magnitude and beauty of golf. With each swing and putt, we don’t just play a sport, but partake in a rich history that has shaped this stunning venue. As a Myrtle Beach native and golf enthusiast, I know Wachesaw East is more than a golf course. It’s where heritage and passion blend in perfect harmony, inviting every golfer to add their line to its grand narrative.

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  1. This blog post struck a chord with me. I had the pleasure of playing at Wachesaw East a few years back and this vivid description brought back some amazing memories. What strikes me about this course is how much respect and regard is given to the history and heritage of the game. It’s very rare to come across a course with so much depth to its narrative.

  2. Clyde Johnston truly did an amazing job designing Wachesaw East Plantation, didn’t he? That man is definitely on my list of top course architects. Also, I’ve always wondered what Vesey’s name was all about – Thanks for the trivia! However, you’ve made me miss the green even more now. For someone new to golfing, do you have any tips for tackling Wachesaw’s challenging tee shots and strategic bunkers?

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