The British Open Tribute: World Tour Golf Links – Open Nine

Title: “Uncloaking the British Open Tribute at the World Tour Golf Links – Open Nine”

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, renowned for its sun-kissed beaches, vibrant nightlife, and southern hospitality, arguably shines brightest when it comes to golf. One of its hidden gems is World Tour Golf Links, a golf haven that transposes the splendors of the world’s top golf courses into two distinctively challenging 18-hole layouts: The Championship and The Open Nine. For this insightful edition, we cast our spotlight on the remarkable tribute to the British Open: The Open Nine.

Stretched across the tranquil landscape of Myrtle Beach, The Open Nine at World Tour Golf Links embodies pure nostalgia, offering its visitors an exceptional opportunity to experience the magic of golf’s oldest tournament, the British Open. This distinctive, meticulously manicured layout, complete with high fescue, pot bunkers, undulating greens, and panoramic views, genuinely captures the essence of revered courses across the Atlantic.

The first parcel of our journey begins with the opener, a par four which is an ode to the Road Hole at St. Andrews in Scotland. The hole openly challenges golfers with its fiercely placed ‘road bunker’ and introduces them to the enchanting ride that is the Open Nine. Subsequent holes commemorate other iconic British Open venues including Royal Lytham and St. Anne’s, McGregor’s Bunker of Nairn, and Carnoustie’s infamous Barry Burn.

A clear standout is the fourth hole inspired by the Postage Stamp hole of Royal Troon. The par-three, known for its exceptional difficulty despite its petite structure, demands precision and adroitness from players. Its elevated green bordered by deep pot bunkers replicates the demanding characteristics of its Scottish counterpart.

The journey doesn’t stop here. The sixth, parallel to the notorious 14th at St. Andrews, lures players with visions of an easy birdie – only to challenge them with a devilish par-five. Embellished with a savage stretch of fairway bunkers, it captures the true hazard purveyors of the British Open face.

As the layout unveils itself, golfers may experience a moment of wistful romanticism due to the stunning hole replicas of the British Open’s greatest moments. Each hole, designed with a calculated blend of accuracy and ingenuity, mirrors the essence of the golfing legends of the past.

What sets the Open Nine apart, though, is not just its tribute to the great British links courses but also the American way it honors these courses. The higher-quality turf, meticulously manicured fairways, dense yet manageable rough, all attest to World Tour Golf Link’s commitment to detail. Open Nine brings the British Open stateside, while also showcasing the luxury and high-quality conditions of American golf.

The Open Nine’s final hole, a model of the 18th at St. Andrews, is a par-5, multi-tiered bewitching beauty. It’s a fitting end to the nostalgic golf trail, complete with the iconic Swilcan Bridge. As one walks over this replication of the famous bridge, it’s not hard to imagine the jubilation felt by golf greats like Nicklaus, Watson, and Ballesteros, who famously celebrated their iconic British Open wins here.

In reality, it’s challenging to recreate the characteristics of these time-honored courses accurately, but the designers at World Tour Golf Links have done an outstanding job. They’ve managed to whisk players from the white sand beaches of Myrtle Beach to the rugged coastal terrain of the British Isles.

While playing at the Open Nine won’t win you the Claret Jug, it undoubtedly offers a meticulously crafted homage to one of golf’s oldest and most revered tournaments. The nine-hole layout is a quintessential blend of challenge and charm, history and artistry, fidelity and innovation.

The British Open Tribute on the Open Nine at World Tour Golf Links, with its emphasis on accuracy and understanding of the game, embodies the spirit of golf itself. As you walk down the fairway, you become one with the great sport’s history, reminding you that golf is not just a game, it’s a lifelong journey of overcoming challenges and reveling in triumphs.

For locals and visitors of Myrtle Beach alike, this tribute to the British Open in our own backyard invites us to celebrate the rich history of golf, while also making history of our own.

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