The Art of Golf Course Maintenance: Keeping Myrtle Beach’s Courses Beautiful

Myrtle Beach, ‘Golf Capital of the World’, boasts over ninety top-grade golf courses, a veritable paradise for enthusiasts of the sport. This coastal city is known for its superbly maintained golf courses, each one like a picture-postcard with lush fairways, manicured greens, and picturesque landscaping. The level of dedication and effort that goes into keeping these golf courses in peak condition is a testament to the art of golf course maintenance.

The Complexity of Golf Course Maintenance

Maintaining a golf course is not just about mowing the grass and repairing divots; it involves a blend of science, art, and hard work. Each course is a living, breathing ecosystem, which requires careful management and an understanding of factors such as soil chemistry, pest control, and plant health.

In Myrtle Beach, golf course superintendents must also deal with harsh coastal conditions. The sandy soil, high humidity, and salinity are all factors that require specialized knowledge to manage effectively. In addition, turf types like Bermuda grass, commonly used in the region due to its warm-season tolerance, have unique needs that must be addressed.

Tee to Green: The Consistent Care

A walk down any of Myrtle Beach’s courses will reveal perfectly aligned tee boxes, well-groomed fairways, and spotless greens. The consistent aesthetic beauty across an entire golf course is the result of meticulous planning and relentless daily maintenance.

Tee boxes, the starting point for every hole, require frequent watering, mowing, and overseeding to ensure a safe, level hitting surface. Fairways—the heavily trafficked areas between the tee box and green—are aerated to manage soil compaction, thatch build-up, and promote deep root growth, ensuring the turf’s health and sustainability. The smooth and fast greens that Myrtle Beach golf courses are known for take the most work. Regular mowing, rolling for consistency, and careful monitoring for disease or pests are part of the daily routine.

Water Management

Water management is a crucial aspect of golf course maintenance. Too much or too little water can significantly affect course playability and turf health. Superintendents use cutting-edge irrigation technology to provide precise amounts of water to different course areas, significantly enhancing the course’s health and beauty while minimizing water usage.


Many courses in Myrtle Beach are integrated into the natural coastal landscape, coexisting with various wildlife species. Superintendents often work with local environmental authorities to ensure that course maintenance practices do not disturb native fauna or flora. This delicate balance of creating a playable golf course that also respects and nurtures local ecosystems underlines the significance of golf course maintenance as an art form.

Environmental Responsibility

The golf industry has made considerable strides in its commitment to environmental stewardship, and courses in Myrtle Beach are no exception. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies help minimize pesticide use, selecting grass species that require less water helps conserve this resource, and many courses have switched to solar-powered maintenance equipment. Embracing environmental sustainability not only makes good business sense for golf courses but also ensures their longevity and enhances the enjoyment of the players.

Taking pride in the profession

The superb upkeep of Myrtle beach’s golf courses is due to the tireless work and professionalism of the army of maintenance crews and superintendents. They are often the first to arrive and the last to leave. These teams take immense pride in their work, realizing that course condition plays a significant role in a golfer’s experience and the reputation of the golf course.

With golf being a year-round sport in Myrtle Beach, maintaining these courses is an ongoing effort. Every day brings new challenges; whether it’s managing rainfall, repairing winter damage, or preparing for a major tournament. But the superintendents and their crews rise to the challenge, driven by their dedication to the sport, the courses, and the city of Myrtle Beach.

In conclusion, the art of golf course maintenance is integral to Myrtle Beach’s reputation as the ‘Golf Capital of the World’. It is a testament to the professionalism, dedication, and skill of the golf course superintendent and his team. Next time you admire a fairway or make a perfect putt on a green, remember the hard work that goes into creating that perfect golfing experience.

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