Testing Your Skills: Myrtle Beach’s Toughest Golf Course Holes


Renowned as the Golf Capital of the World, Myrtle Beach is a paradise for avid golfers. With over 100 courses, each with its unique setting, Myrtle Beach presents a canvas painted with azaleas, Bermuda grass, exceptional landscapes, and unparalleled challenges that test the skill of every golfer. However, some holes at several courses have garnered fame (or rather, notoriety) due to their level of difficulty. Let’s explore some of the toughest golf course holes in Myrtle Beach’s idyllic golf terrain.

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club: Hole 13, ‘Waterloo’

Boasting top rankings among golf courses across the globe for years, The Dunes Club unveils a formidable challenge with its 13th hole, popularly known as ‘Waterloo.’ A par-5, dogleg right around Singleton Lake, Waterloo’s strategically placed fairways and pitiless water hazard make it a formidable challenge. Despite its intimidating set-up, an accurate drive hugging the right side of the lake sets the skilled player up for possible eagle attempts.

Pawleys Plantation Golf Club: Hole 13

Designed by Jack Nicklaus, hole 13 at Pawleys Plantation is a fiendish par-3 that showcases Nicklaus’ knack for designing challenging short holes. From the tee, players are confronted by a daunting view – a massive salt marsh, with a small corner of the green visible, tucked behind a protective bunker. At 130 yards from the white tees, what looks reachable in theory demands utmost precision.

Tidewater Golf Club: Hole 12

At the Tidewater Golf Club, hole 12 is a challenging par-3. From the tee, you get a sweeping vista of Cherry Grove Inlet and marshland. The real challenge begins when you take aim for the green, which is tightly flanked by bunkers and marsh. With fluctuating coastal winds, club selection and ball placement are key to master this deceptive hole.

Caledonia Golf and Fish Club: Hole 18

Caledonia Golf and Fish Club’s Hole 18, a stunning par-4, demands a level of strategic play through its 383 yards. Experienced golfers recommend a keen evaluation of the hole – from the tricky tee shot to navigating the approach with overhanging trees and the marsh surrounding the green. The difficulty raises a notch if you’re contending with a pushy tailwind.

Grande Dunes Resort Club: Hole 14

The 14th hole of the Grande Dunes Resort Club presents a classic par-3 challenge. The hole demands a strike over the Intracoastal Waterway onto a green that slopes left to right and front to back. When the coastal wind gets feisty, the 219-yard distance plays much longer. Here, accuracy and the ability to judge wind direction are paramount.


Myrtle Beach’s golf courses offer a harmonious blend of natural beauty and man-made design genius. These toughest golf course holes, while daunting, provide the thrill of a challenge. Golfers looking for an opportunity to bring their best game, varying their shots, and improving course management should consider a round on these challenging terrains.

Rest assured, each hole shaping the diverse courses of Myrtle Beach is a testament to the adage that golf is a game of inches. It is not just about power but also precision. And remember, every intimidating course is an invitation to enjoy, improve, and understand the beautiful, rewarding complexities of golf.

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