River Oaks Golf Plantation

Located in the heartland of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, River Oaks Golf Plantation proudly stands as a beacon of the region’s rich heritage of world-class golf. Beautifully nestled along the Intracoastal Waterway, this gem of a golf course is steeped in Southern charm and hospitality, offering both visiting golf enthusiasts and local players a robust and refreshing golfing experience.


River Oaks Golf Plantation features a stunning 27-hole golf facility that spans meticulously landscaped terrain bordered by sparkling lakes and ancient, towering oaks. Designed and laid out to incorporate the natural environment, the course has a unique set up—”The Fox”, “The Otter” and “The Bear”—each named after the wildlife that the course’s guests may encounter during their indigenous-inspired golfing journey.

Design and Layout

The genius behind River Oaks Golf Plantation’s amazing design are the renowned golf architects Gene Hamm and Tom Jackson. This formidable duo fashioned a course that harmoniously blends with its native surroundings, providing an exotic golfing environment that is both challenging and visually appealing. The fairways are lined with an array of indigenous trees and punctuated by pristine lakes, providing a natural defense mechanism that challenges you to bring your A-game.

“The Fox” nine features a family of cunning foxes that serve as fairway spectators; this is the course’s original nine, known for its strategic layout and mature landscaping. “The Otter”, on the other hand, is considered the friendliest and most approachable on the plantation; featuring generous fairways, it has less water compared to its companions. Lastly, “The Bear” is revered for his brawny stature and strength. This nine gets its name for being the toughest and most challenging, with water coming into play on seven holes.

Golfing Experience

On entering the grounds at River Oaks Golf Plantation, the inviting charisma of warm Southern hospitality sets the tone for the rest of the golfing encounter. With multiple sets of tees on each hole, the course is flexible, appealing to golfers of different levels—from seasoned pros looking to test their skills to beginners finding their footing in the game.

While the course offers a challenging setup, ultimately, it is the soothing ambiance and tranquil beauty that will leave a lasting impression. River Oaks Golf Plantation carries a resounding ethos of integrating its natural surroundings with world-class golf.


In addition to the golf course, River Oaks Golf Plantation boasts an all-inclusive practice facility featuring a driving range, a chipping area, and a putting green, allowing players to hone their skills before stepping on to the main course. With a fully stocked pro shop, one can also find the latest golfing gear and merchandise, making sure guests are well-equipped for their golfing journey. For those who desire some culinary delight after a stimulating round, the course’s clubhouse offers a wonderful variety of local and international cuisines.

Education and Events

Community development and local engagement are at the core of River Oaks Golf Plantation, with regular golf clinics and interactive sessions conducted by PGA professionals for those eager to improve their golfing proficiency. The Plantation also hosts various events, tournaments, and championships throughout the year, adding to the energy and vibrancy of the local golfing scene.

Environmental Responsibility

River Oaks Golf Plantation prides itself on practising sustainable golf, engaging in ethical and environmentally friendly practices. Acknowledged as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, the Plantation goes beyond the game, promoting environmental education and preservation, ensuring the beautiful, natural landscapes and luscious green fairways of Myrtle Beach remain healthy for future generations.


There is something uniquely fulfilling about experiencing golf at River Oaks Golf Plantation. The meticulous layout, the welcoming Southern charm, the world-class amenities, and a staunch commitment to community and environment combine to create an unforgettable golfing journey. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or just beginning your journey in the sport, a visit to River Oaks Golf Plantation is sure to offer an experience that transcends beyond the typical and enters the realm of the extraordinary.

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