Oyster Bay Golf Links

A Gem of the South: An In-Depth Look at Oyster Bay Golf Links

Few golf courses around the world harbor the quiet charm and captivating allure quite like Oyster Bay Golf Links. Nestled in the heart of the captivating Carolina landscape, straddling the boundary between South and North Carolina, this astounding course has been making hearts pump and adrenaline flow for golf aficionados for years.

Location and Landscape

Carved out of the pristine marshes of Sunset Beach, North Carolina, Oyster Bay Golf Links is as picturesque as it gets. The course finds harmony in its surroundings, seamlessly blending hardwood forests, crystalline lakes, and gently undulating dunes with the allure of the expansive coastline. Year-round, golfers are treated to an ethereally beautiful backdrop of changing colors and wildlife.

Course Design

The brainchild of famed course architect Dan Maples, Oyster Bay isn’t just a test of golf – it’s an adventure, a walk in the park, and a wildlife excursion all in one. The course layout is a par-70 with five par-3’s and five par-5’s. This rhythmic variation underscores Maples’ design ethos, creating an intricate dance between variety, challenge, and pure enjoyment.

True to Maples’ style, the course is full of engaging risk-reward challenges. The 13th hole, a medium-length par-4, promises huge rewards for those bold enough to take them, but it also delivers punishing consequences for those who fall short.

Special Features

Two holes on the Oyster Bay course deserve particular attention, for they are both unique and defining. The par-3 15th and 17th holes are situated on marsh islands, requiring accurate tee shots over expanses of tidal saltwater marshland. They perfectly encapsulate the heart of Oyster Bay – beautifully scenic, fraught with peril, and breathtakingly memorable.

A deciding feature of Oyster Bay is its greens, firm yet receptive, notoriously wavy, and brimming with strategic contours. Putting remains a crucial aspect of scoring well. The greens are augmented by the well-placed bunkers, some of them sports pristine beach-style sand.

Accolades and Recognitions

Oyster Bay’s prestige is not simply a product of word-of-mouth reputation. It’s backed up by a slew of accolades and awards. The course is eminently considered among the top 50 public courses in America and was named ‘Resort Course of the Year’ by the National Golf Course Owners Association in 2011. Such recognition is a testament to Oyster Bay’s well-maintained conditions, customer service, and overall high-quality experience.

Facilities and Service

Off the course, Oyster Bay continues to impress with its comprehensive facilities. The clubhouse is home to an extensive pro shop carrying all essentials and luxuries for your game. A full-service bar and grill are available for golfers to unwind and recount their day’s play.

Exemplary service is a big part of the Oyster Bay experience. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to ensure your day at Oyster Bay is unforgettable. From the moment you lug your bags off the cart until the time you finish your last putt, every need is cared for.


Remarkable, challenging, and intensely satisfying – Oyster Bay is a must-play track for anyone serious about golf. Those who have had the privilege of playing here fondly refer to it as ‘The Pearl of Carolina’, an apt title for one of the grandest courses in the region. From its strategic play and vivid landscapes to its superior facilities and dedicated staff, Oyster Bay Golf Links provides golfers with nothing less than a premier golfing experience.

7 thoughts on “Oyster Bay Golf Links”

  1. Quick question – has anyone played Oyster Bay in the fall? I’ll be in Carolina in October and wondering what’s it like.

  2. I had the chance to play at Oyster Bay last summer. Can confirm that it’s as picturesque as it sounds in the article. The 15th and 17th holes are truly spectacular. You can’t beat that saltwater marshland view!

  3. The first time I went, I shot a dismal 105. My next round was a respectable 87. Goes to show the course can bring out the best and the worst in your game.

  4. Loved playing there last June. Stunning visuals, well-maintained greens, and friendly staff. If you’re an avid golfer, it’s a must-visit.

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