Myrtle Beach National – King’s North

An Insider’s View of Myrtle Beach National – King’s North

Myrtle Beach National – King’s North, often shortened to King’s North, is one of the most acclaimed golf courses in the Palmetto state. This golfing jewel, located in South Carolina, has routinely been cited among the top echelons of courses in Myrtle Beach and has established a reputation as a mandatory stop for golf aficionados touring South Carolina.

Historical Background and Architectural Excellence

King’s North was initially designed and opened in 1973 and underwent an extensive redesign process in 1996. The creative genius behind the masterpiece is none other than Arnold Palmer, the legendary golfer himself. Palmer’s vision has led to the creation of a course that tastefully combines challenging holes, strategic bunker placement, and beautiful scenery to give golfers a truly memorable experience.

The course boasts a par-72 layout sprawling over 7,017 yards. Each hole presents its unique challenges and aesthetic appeal, making a full round of golf a journey of diversity. The immaculate, meticulously-maintained Bermuda grass greens are a spectacle, both visually and performance-wise.

Signature Holes and Challenges

A discussion about King’s North would be incomplete without reference to the signature holes that players often rave about. The sixth hole, also known as ‘The Gambler,’ is a testament to its creator’s daring persona. This risky-reward par-five hole challenges golfers to choose between playing safe on the right or taking a brave gambit over an expansive water hazard to a private fairway towards the left.

Similarly exciting is the twelfth hole, known as ‘The Island Green.’ As the name suggests, this hole features an infamous green strategically surrounded by a menacing body of water. The par-three twelfth hole requires precision and nerves of steel, making it an exciting point in the round.

Scenic Beauty and Wildlife

The natural beauty of King’s North is remarkable, with its lush landscapes artistically combining water bodies, tall pines, and multiple species of local flora. The course is teeming with wildlife. It’s common to spot deer, turtles, and numerous species of birds, adding another layer of charm to the King’s North experience.

Facilities and Services

King’s North offers top-tier facilities to complement your golfing endeavor. The course has a fully-equipped pro-shop that caters to all players’ needs, providing high-quality equipment and professional advice. King’s North’s practice facility includes a large driving range, two putting greens, and a chipping green, allowing golfers to fine-tune their skills before the game. Moreover, golf lessons from PGA professionals are also available.

Post-golf, you can relax and refuel in the clubhouse, where you can enjoy a wide range of food and beverages. The clubhouse also offers scenic panoramic views of the course, adding to the enjoyment of your time off the field.

A Round Year Destination

Being in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina imbues King’s North with a mild subtropical climate, making it a year-round golfing destination. However, the pleasant spring and fall seasons see the highest influx of golf lovers, seeking the ultimate golfing experience.

Community and Environment Commitments

Respect for the community and environment is a cardinal principle at King’s North. The course is a certified member of the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf, underlining its commitment to sustainability and preserving local habitats.

In Conclusion

With decades of excellence under its belt, Myrtle Beach National – King’s North continues to be an outstanding golf course in South Carolina. Whether you’re a seasoned pro, an aspiring amateur, or just seeking a leisure matchup, King’s North stands ready to deliver an unforgettable golfing experience.

Through Arnold Palmer’s inventive vision to the top-notch facilities and enchanting scenery, King’s North truly epitomizes the spirit of golf in Myrtle Beach – challenging, yet immensely enjoyable. So, pick up your clubs and experience King’s North’s grandeur yourself, because, as we locals say, “The magic of Myrtle is best experienced, not described!”

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