Loris Golf & Country Club

An Embrace of the Outdoors: Loris Golf & Country Club

Welcome to Loris Golf & Country Club, a spectacular amalgamation of lush greens, expansive fairways, and scenic magnificence nestled in the heart of Loris, South Carolina. Renowned for its enchanting natural beauty and state-of-the-art amenities, this prestigious golf course exudes a unique charm that blends local heritage and a love of golf seamlessly.

Layout – A Paradise for Golfers

Loris Golf & Country Club is a par 72 course, stretching to a length of 6389 yards from the longest tees. As a long-standing part of Loris’s community since 1967, it boasts an 18-hole layout that commandeers respect from golfers of all levels. What lies ahead is an exquisitely designed course offering fair yet challenging tests of golfing aptitude and finesse.

Each hole presents an exclusive personality, making the entire experience feel more like a well-curated golfing adventure than repeated iterations of greens and fairways. From strategically placed sand traps that demand precise shots to water hazards that test your decision-making prowess, the course architecture at Loris is nothing short of a masterpiece.

Greens and Fairways – Where Beauty Meets Playability

The greens and fairways at Loris Golf & Country Club are meticulously maintained to ensure excellent playability throughout the year. With Bermuda grass carpeting the course, the club guarantees a consistent, high-quality playing surface that leaves a lasting impression.

The fairways are framed by majestic trees, creating a picturesque backdrop that heightens the aesthetic appeal of the course. Not only are the vistas breathtaking, but the expansive green space also offers golfers ample room to play their shots strategically.

Facilities and Amenities – Comfort and Convenience

As you step into the Loris Golf & Country Club, you are greeted by a spacious clubhouse complete with modern amenities dedicated to ensuring golfers’ comfort and convenience. The fully-stocked Pro Shop on-site allows golfers to invest in top-notch golfing gear while also providing access to rental clubs for visitors just starting their golf journey.

Moreover, the facility is also home to a practice area with putting greens and a driving range for golfers keen on refining their technique before stepping onto the course. And once done with a round, golfers can indulge in the hospitality of the club’s food and beverage service, which offers an impressive menu.

Experience Extraordinaire

Loris Golf & Country Club is more than just a golf course; it’s a community center that bonds golf lovers over their shared passion for the sport. Known for its warm, welcoming atmosphere as much as its high-quality course, the club embodies a spirit that has made it a beloved staple in Loris for over 50 years.

With fabulous seasonal weather, golfers can enjoy an exhilarating game almost year-round. The varying terrain and dynamic course layout always keep you on your toes, making each round a thrilling encounter.


At the heart of the pristine city of Loris, Loris Golf & Country Club stands as a testament to the region’s enduring love for golf. It presents the ideal balance between challenging play and beautiful surroundings. Whether you are a seasoned golfer aiming to improve your handicap or a rookie finding your swinging rhythm, Loris Golf & Country Club embraces you with open arms, high-quality amenities, and a course that never ceases to amaze. Regardless of your skill level or golf goals, Loris Golf & Country Club offers the quintessential golf experience, pairing an enticing golf course with incomparable Southern charm.

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