Leopard’s Chase Golf Club

An Inside Look at Leopard’s Chase Golf Club

Nestled in the heart of North Carolina’s Brunswick Islands, the swathes of emerald green fairways of Leopard’s Chase Golf Club beckon golf enthusiasts from around the world. With its stunning panache, meticulously designed landscapes, and challenging play, the golf club continues to hold its position as one of the finest golf courses in North Carolina.

Design and Layout

The brainchild of distinguished architect Tim Cate, Leopard’s Chase bursts forth with a mesmerizing layout that weaves its graceful charm amid the tranquil beauty of North Carolina’s natural terrain. Cate, known for his commitment to ecology and sustainable design, masterfully integrated native plants and grasses, conserving the area’s wildlife as he brought the course to life.

The golf course spans around 7,000 yards from the back tees, though with four tee positions per hole, it caters to skill levels from amateur to pro. Each uniquely designed hole gloriously captures the texture and allure of the surrounding scenery, while simultaneously offering a challenge that ensures every round is engaging.

Notable Holes

Much of Leopard’s Chase’s charm can be attributed to its showcase holes. The 18th is a par four with a dramatic downhill slope and a green guarded by water to the right and a large waste bunker to the left, requiring precise accuracy and a well-plotted strategy. Other standout holes are the 9th, a lovely par five that wraps around a lake, and the 14th, a par three featuring water and sandy ridges that demand a deft touch.


Beyond the green, Leopard’s Chase offers a plethora of amenities bound to delight golfers and visitors alike. The clubhouse honors the traditional sophistication of classic golf clubs, while housing ultramodern facilities. Members can enjoy a quick snack or a gourmet meal at the on-site restaurant, which boasts fare that is as delightful as the vistas it offers. The fully stocked pro shop features all the latest gear and apparel trends.

Training Facilities

Leopard’s Chase is equipped with a practice facility that rivals any other. The chipping green, featuring a bunker, allows players to perfect those tricky sand shots and short game techniques. The driving range is large enough to accommodate golfers of all levels, providing ample space for loosening up before the game. The putting green is ideal for those looking to refine their stroke and build consistency.

Environment Sustainability

The club’s commitment to environmental sustainability is reflective in every corner of the property. It has been designated a “Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary” by the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary System, an accolade that salutes the club for preserving and enhancing the local environment.

Membership and Events

Leopard’s Chase offers a variety of memberships that cater to every lifestyle and age group. The club also opens its doors for special events, ranging from golf tournaments to social gatherings. Local charity events, business meetings, and even weddings have added a touch of elegance on this timeless ground.

A Must-Experience Golfing Haven

The sheer scenic beauty of Leopard’s Chase Golf Club, paired with the variety and quality of the golf, makes it a must-visit golfing destination in North Carolina. It is a testament to design that coexists with nature, a course that captures the spirit of golfing while upholding an enduring commitment to the environment.

A trip to Leopard’s Chase promises not just a round of golf, but a sensational journey married to the sport’s deepest traditions. Whether it’s the thrill of an outstanding drive, the satisfaction of a well-placed putt, or simply the joy of being in such a breathtaking locale, every moment resonates with the heart and soul of golf.

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