Golfing with Kids: Family-Friendly Courses in Myrtle Beach

Title: Teeing off for Family Fun: The Best Family-Friendly Golf Courses in Myrtle Beach

As someone who takes great pride in being a Myrtle Beach native and a long-standing golfer, I find particular joy in introducing the next generation of champions to the green turf. Which is why I am thrilled to share with you our community’s best family-friendly golf courses. With a variety of exciting layouts, impressive scenery, and welcoming environments, these courses make it fun for kids to learn and play golf.

1. “Junior Champions” at Legends

Legends Resort, widely recognized for its three outstanding courses (Heathland, Moorland, and Parkland), offers kids-friendly golf experiences. Instead of frowning at the sight of energetic kids tagging along, Legends welcomes them with open arms. Kids under 16 can play for free with a paying adult – the perfect incentive for a family day out at the course! The resort also offers a renowned golf school with classes and clinics for juniors, making the Legends Resort a haven for budding golf enthusiasts.

2. Kids Rule at River Oaks Golf Plantation

River Oaks Golf Plantation ensures golfing is a fun, engaging experience for every family member. Known for its 27-hole course—divided between Fox, Otter, and Bear—River Oaks offers a Junior Golf Clinic during summer months. This program helps kids aged 6 to 16 learn the ins and outs of the game, forming a strong foundation for a budding golfer. Moreover, encouraging oneness with nature, River Oaks shares grounds with a wildlife preserve, perfect for instilling a love for the environment in young hearts.

3. Friendly Fairways at Myrtlewood

Myrtlewood Golf Club, a hot favorite amongst locals, plays a significant role in creating a kid-friendly golfing community. This family-friendly course offers lessons to help children under 17 develop their golfing skills. With two distinct 18-hole courses, the Palmetto and the PineHills, Myrtlewood’s layout is ideal for beginners, providing an inviting platform for young golfers to test their skills and celebrate their progress.

4. Growing Young Golfers at Tupelo Bay

At Tupelo Bay, they don’t just play golf; they grow golfers! Tupelo’s array of family-friendly amenities is enhanced by a plan designed to benefit juniors under 16. Their executive course is perfect for youngsters learning the game, thanks to a manageable distance and player-friendly layout. Aside from their eye-catching turf, Tupelo also flaunts a mini-golf course and a driving range, ensuring you and your kids don’t run out of fun.

5. Junior Golfers Paradise at Barefoot Resort

Renowned for its four spectacular courses, Barefoot Resort is also committed to creating friendly avenues for the young talent of golf. The resort offers free play for children aged 16 and under when accompanied by a paying adult. Its state-of-the-art practice facility serves as a terrific platform for young golfers to hone their skills and experience the joy of golf.

6. A Kid’s Golf Haven at Mt. Atlanticus

If you’re looking for classic family fun, Mt. Atlanticus Miniature Golf is your destination. This vividly themed mini-golf course will spark your kid’s imagination while they work on their putting skills. Featuring two 18-hole courses filled with surprising twists and turns, it’s a fun-filled adventure the whole family will enjoy.

Each of these golf courses presents unique opportunities for family adventures on the green. Their commitment towards welcoming younger golfers, offering lessons, and encouraging growth is truly remarkable and commendable. Every course has its charm and special qualities—a testament to Myrtle Beach’s passion for the sport.

Whether you’re interested in molding the future Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy, or ensuring your child develops a solid understanding and love for the game, these courses offer the perfect starting ground. After all, golf is not just about perfect swings and victories; it nurtures patience, focus, and respect—a lesson every child can carry far beyond the rolling greens of the course.

In conclusion, golfing with kids in Myrtle Beach is more than just a fun-filled getaway; it’s an opportunity to introduce the next generation to the sport’s beautiful complexities and life lessons. And with its array of family-friendly golf courses, Myrtle Beach is an ideal place to tee off this exciting journey.

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