Golfing Around the World in 18 Holes: World Tour Golf Links

Title: Golfing Around the World in 18 Holes: A Journey at World Tour Golf Links

Welcome to World Tour Golf Links, the place in Myrtle Beach where golfers get a chance to explore the sport’s most renowned courses, replicated flawlessly right here in our backyard. Specially designed to celebrate golfing’s indomitable spirit, this elegant golf course is not your run-of-the-mill neighborhood tee-off spot. It is a timeless homage to over a century of golf history, an ode to the legends of the sport who battled their counterparts on its international theater long before our time.

Imagine, if you will, having the world’s most iconic holes at your fingertips, each one carefully crafted to mimic the exquisite aesthetics of the original. These 18 holes, modeled after more than 15 different international courses, offer you the opportunity to live the dreams and challenges of golfing’s greatest icons without leaving the sunny sands of Myrtle Beach.

The premise behind World Tour Golf Links is simple yet ingenious – bring together the best of golfing wit and wisdom, and offer golfers the experience of “playing around the world” in one magnificent Myrtle Beach golf course. Each hole represents a different golfing country, meticulously crafted to offer a flavor of the ever-changing contours of the golfing landscape.

The journey commences with the opener, a recreation of the Old Course at St. Andrews; the birthplace of golf, followed by a hop over to Augusta National’s 11th and 12th holes, paying homage to the legendary Amen Corner. The first nine wraps up with a tribute to Scotland’s finest – Royal Troon Golf Club’s famous 8th hole, better known as “Postage Stamp.”

The back nine are as impressive, featuring the 16th from Cypress Point, often reputed as the world’s most picturesque par three. Not one to disappoint, World Tour Golf Links concludes with a replica of the 18th hole at TPC Sawgrass Island Green, a challenging water body to clear for an exciting finish.

As much as World Tour Golf Links is about the fairways and greens, it is equally about the tangible aura each locale brings. Several of the holes are surrounded by classic stone bridges, towering trees, and peaceful water bodies, encapsulating the spirit of their international counterparts. The golf course’s periphery also houses a collection of golfing memorabilia, photographs gazetting the sport’s chronicles, and details about the world-renowned courses, offering a rich educational experience about our beloved pastime.

The World Tour Golf Links targets everyone from novice recreants to hardened professionals, offering varying albeit challenging terrains. Holes vary from a homely par three to titanic par fives, eliciting crafty swings from players, strategic planning, and a well-studied club selection to conquer the tracks. The course maintains high-quality Bermuda grass fairways, making the overall golfing experience thrilling yet approachable.

Apart from the enthralling golfing experience, golfers will be pleased with the onsite amenities. The Antebellum-style clubhouse sprawls over 20,000 square feet and features a fully stocked pro-shop with everything golfers could possibly need. The 19th hole is a well-appointed bar and grill serving breakfast and lunch. The gracious southern hospitality coupled with panoramic views of the golf course completes the experience.

The World Tour Golf Links takes great pride in its excellent maintenance of the course, ensuring favorable playing conditions year-round. The staff enhances the golfing experience by providing professional insight into the game, with lessons available to cater to both young and experienced golfers.

Whether you call Myrtle Beach home or you’re a visitor to our coastal paradise, an excursion to the World Tour Golf Links is both a journey through golf’s illustrious history and a global golfing adventure-cum-challenge unlike any other.

World Tour Golf Links is more than a golf course; it’s a tribute to the sport’s greatest champions, the ultimate playground that marries tradition with innovation. It singularly presents the universality of golf, transcending borders and time zones to unite golfers through a shared love for the sport. It serves as a testament to Myrtle Beach’s enduring spirit as a golfing haven for amateurs and professionals alike.

As we say in these parts, you may never be able to play all the world-class courses, but at World Tour Golf Links, the world plays with you.

4 thoughts on “Golfing Around the World in 18 Holes: World Tour Golf Links”

  1. Having played at the real TPC Sawgrass, the recreation of the 18th hole is incredibly spot-on. Kudos to the maintenance team at the World Tour Golf Links for keeping the experience authentic! I absolutely felt like I was back in Florida!

  2. I wonder how the view of the 16th hole from Cypress Point compares to the real thing. Any of you played the real hole and can give a comparison? This entire course seems like such a novel idea. Looking forward to trying it out!

  3. Decided spontaneously to play at World Tour Golf Links last summer during my family vacation to Myrtle Beach. Huge fans of the homage to Scotland’s Royal Troon Golf Club’s hole! Kudos to the people who meticulously designed and replicated each iconic hole. But beware, it’s not as easy as it looks!

  4. This course sounds like a dream come true for golf lovers. A round the world trip without the jet lag – can’t beat that! I’d be interested to know more about the challenges each hole presents. Anyone here had firsthand experience with the infamous 18th at TPC Sawgrass replica?

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