Golf with Celebrity Status: Famous Figures who have Played in Myrtle Beach

Known as the ‘Golf Capital of the World’, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is home to over 80 golf courses, architecturally designed to mimic top-tier courses from around the globe. Offering high-quality to the golf experience, it’s no surprise that this sunny locale has drawn big names from the worlds of sports, entertainment, and politics. This article presents a few famous figures who have left their footprints on Myrtle Beach’s greens.

Basketball Legends on the Green

Crossing over from the basketball court to the golf course, NBA renowned figures like Michael Jordan have frequented the Myrtle Beach area. Displaying avid interest in golf, Jordan is reported to have teed off at various courses such as the Dunes Golf and Beach Club, Caledonia Golf, and Fish Club among others during his visits. Michael Jordan isn’t the only basketball figure to tee off here, either – Charles Barkley, another NBA Hall of Famer, has also been spotted enjoying the golfing options available in the area.

The Link Between Music and Golf

Myrtle Beach has also caught the interest of those in the music industry. Celebrities include country music star Darius Rucker, a South Carolina native who has enjoyed several local courses. Rucker’s love for golf is quite profound; he’s often seen participating in pro-am tournaments, occasionally even performing in concerts to conclude golf events.

In 2015, the lead guitarist of rock group Alice Cooper, Nita Strauss, was spotted playing a round of golf at the River Oaks Golf Plantation on her day off. Notorious for her shredding guitar solos, Strauss also enjoys the challenge and serene atmosphere on Myrtle Beach golf courses.

Hollywood Stars Swinging Clubs

Actors and actresses have also been known to enjoy the golfing pleasures of Myrtle Beach. Hollywood A-lister Bill Murray, known for his role in the golf-centric cult classic ‘Caddyshack’, is a frequent golfer in the Myrtle Beach area. Murray is well-known for his passion for golf, often seen participating in celebrity tournaments and charity golf events across the country.

Samuel L. Jackson, a passionate golfer, played at the Tidewater Golf Club and Long Bay Club during the filming of the movie “Hard Eight”. Fellow actor Don Johnson also graced the greens while filming parts of the HBO series “Eastbound and Down” in the area.

Golfing Politicians

The sport of golf has long been associated with moving and shaking in the political sphere, and Myrtle Beach has attracted its fair share of political figures. One example is former US vice president Dan Quayle, who played rounds at both the Dye Club and Pawleys Plantation.

In conclusion, whether it’s basketball stars, musicians, actors or politicians, countless famous figures have been attracted by the distinct golfing experience offered by Myrtle Beach. If you’re a golf enthusiast, chances are that your golfing idol has left their footprints on one of the numerous courses of Myrtle Beach. As the saying goes, follow in the footsteps of giants–or in this case, swing your clubs where legends have played.

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