Golf and Gastronomy: The Culinary Delights Near Myrtle Beach Courses

Title: Teeing off with Taste: Unraveling The Culinary Delights around Myrtle Beach Golf Courses

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – an iconic golfing waterfront city, has been drawing golfers from across the globe for decades. With its verdant golf courses that offer dramatic vistas of the sparkling Atlantic Ocean, Myrtle Beach earns its reputation as the ‘Golf Capital of the World’. But for those who envision a perfect swing on the green interspersed with a culinary adventure, Myrtle Beach presents a gastro-golf experience like no other. Here’s a flavor of the various culinary delights that lie in the vicinity of Myrtle Beach’s notable golf courses.

First up on the list is the Croissants Bistro & Bakery, a quaint eatery located just minutes away from the Pine Lakes Country Club. Renowned for its French-inspired cuisine, Croissants showcases a menu arrayed with delectable sweets, pastries, sandwiches, and bistro classics. A breakfast of seafood crepes with a perfect cappuccino or a post-game lunch of shrimp and grits are just the antidote for the weary golfer.

For avid golfers teeing off at the Myrtlewood Golf Club, the nearby Mr. Fish Seafood Restaurant is a boon. This family-owned joint serves premium quality, fresh seafood – from locally sourced Shrimp and Grits to the customer-favorite sushi. Swing by for a plate of their legendary Crab Cakes, or a platter of the Calabash Seafood, both divine gastronomic ensembles that’ll play a perfect second fiddle to a fantastic day on the course.

The Dunes Golf and Beach Club, with its rolling fairways set against the azure seas, are matched by equally impressive culinary destinations in close proximity. One such gem is the Collector’s Café, an upscale eatery offering an eclectic fusion of European and American dishes. Complementing an elegant ambiance with a collection of fine art pieces, this café invites golfers to indulge in exquisite menu options including lamb chops, crispy duck, and fresh-caught seared ahi tuna.

A round of golf at the Grande Dunes Resort Club, renowned for its expansive riviera-style course, can work up quite an appetite. Just a short drive away, you’ll find the deliciously irresistible dining options at Villa Romana. This classic Italian haunt offers homemade pasta, incredibly flavorful Osso Buco, and a wide variety of Italian wine, making it an ideal stop for a post-game relaxation.

Overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway and the Barefoot Resort & Golf course, Greg Norman’s Australian Grille resonates with golfers beyond the boundaries of the course. With a wine list that boasts over 400 sophisticated selections, this is a place for golfers not only to satiate their hunger but also to unwind and indulge. From prime steaks to the fresh seafood delicacies, the menu here is a testament to innovative Australian Cuisine.

After a challenging match at the Tidewater Golf Club, drive down a couple of miles to Benny Rappa’s Trattoria for a taste of home-cooked Italian dishes. Be it the Linguini with clams or the Veal Piccata, Benny Rappa’s hearty servings are sure to recharge your batteries!

The culinary landscape around Myrtle Beach’s magnificent golf courses is as diverse and rewarding as the courses themselves. The spectacular assortment of dining locales, with menus showcasing local produce and seafood, to cuisine from around the world, adds to the magic of the golfing experience. The fusion of golf and gastronomy at Myrtle Beach is a delicious symphony that every golfer must savor. After all, as the saying goes, the fondest memories are made gathered around the table and the tee!

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