Feed Your Golf Addiction: Annual Passes, Loyalty Programs and Deals

A Paradise Found on Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, located on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, is known for its endless stretches of golden beaches, vibrant night-life and, most importantly, its world-class golf courses. Golf enthusiasts will find themselves spoilt for choice with over 90 reputed golf courses calling this city their home, with each one providing a unique and challenging experience.

The Myrtle Beach Golf Pass

For the dedicated golf aficionado, the Annual Myrtle Beach Golf Pass is an unmatchable offer. Costing around $50 annually, it opens doors to a plethora of golf courses featuring various unique designs and intricate hole layouts. Pass holders receive the additional benefit of discounted rates and priority tee times.

Golf Pass referral programs add an extra perk: for every referral made by an existing member, both the referrer and referee gain a $50 reward. A win-win situation for every golf lover!

The Myrtle Beach Golf Trail Program

The Myrtle Beach Golf Trail program promises exclusive offers and discounts at 22 premier golf courses on the Grand Strand, the 60-mile coastline that Myrtle Beach nestles on. From naturally untouched to eccentrically engineered designs, these courses pose significant challenges for both amateurs and professionals.

Myrtle Beach’s Loyalty Programs

Several Myrtle Beach Golf Resorts operate loyalty programs to attract and retain their loyal customer base. Dunes Golf & Beach Club, Barefoot Resort & Golf, and Myrtle Beach National are some of the leading golf resorts that value their loyalists with deals and discounts based on the frequency of visits.

Primetime Signature Card Program is one such renowned loyalty platform. Golfers can benefit from reduced green fees and complimentary rounds at 22 different participating golf courses. Whether you’re a local resident or a frequent visitor, these loyalty programs cater to provide a gratifying player experience.

Special Discounts on Hotel Stays and Dining

It’s not just about the golf; Myrtle Beach annual pass holders can also avail of discounts on hotel stays, dining, and entertainment. Accommodation options span from beachfront villas to condos overlooking the fairways, all available with exclusive discounts to pass holders.

Gastronomic delights await in Myrtle Beach’s countless dining outlets. Fine dining restaurants serve local seafood specialties, while sports bars provide a relaxed atmosphere for a drink after a game. Many restaurants join in providing exclusive discounts to the Myrtle Beach Golf Pass holders, making it a perfect opportunity to indulge in gastronomical bliss.

Unmissable Tournaments and Events

Myrtle Beach hosts numerous amateur and professional golf tournaments, making it a hub of pulsating golf action every year. Two of the most significant events are the World Amateur Handicap Championship and Monday After The Masters.

Enjoy participating in these events or be a part of the electrifying crowd, all while making the most of offers and discounts extended to golf pass members, such as early tickets and priority seating.


In conclusion, Myrtle Beach offers much more than just picturesque landscapes and sandy beaches. The city serves as a haven for golf enthusiasts, rewarding their passion with unparalleled annual pass benefits, loyalty programs, and irresistible deals.

Whether it’s the thrill of participating in world-renowned tournaments or the peaceful respite of a game played against a beautiful oceanic backdrop, Myrtle Beach is a golfing utopia. And with the abundance of value-for-money golfing deals available, Myrtle Beach genuinely becomes an irresistible golfing destination.

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