Design and Layout: Interview with a Golf Course Architect

Myrtle Beach, renowned for its picturesque coastal scenes and sweltering southern charm, has long been a draw for golf enthusiasts from around the globe. But what separates a good Myrtle Beach golf course from a truly great one? For the answers, I turned to one of the best in golf course architecture and design, John LaFoy.

###Meeting with John LaFoy

South Carolinian John LaFoy, whose design portfolio includes some of the most celebrated golf courses in the southeast, is a study in the art and fiscal realities of golf course architecture. A true believer in the maxim that “form follows function,” LaFoy creates courses that are both playable and aesthetically pleasing.

###The Confluence of Architecture and Nature

LaFoy’s designs weave pure athleticism with the wonder of nature. One may stroll down a meticulously manicured fairway to find it bordered by thickets of native plants, carefully preserved as a testament to the area’s natural beauty. This dedication to upholding and respecting the existing environment is a cornerstone of LaFoy’s design philosophy.

“Every golf course should reflect its environment,” LaFoy points out. “For instance, on a coastal South Carolina course, you would expect to see marsh grasses, sprawling oaks, and possibly even the wandering alligator. This authentic sense of place creates a more captivating experience for the player.”

###Challenging but Fair: A Delicate Balance

Even though LaFoy aims to create beautiful environments, his main focus remains the game itself. Another cornerstone of LaFoy’s philosophy is the intersection of difficulty and fairness. Players should be challenged and thus feel a sense of achievement when overcoming that challenge. But the course should also be fair, ensuring all skill levels can enjoy playing.

One of LaFoy’s greatest giftings is his ability to weave challenge into the course design without causing frustration or discouragement. Bunkers are never arbitrary; they are designed to challenge strategy, not to punish unavoidably. Fairways invite bold shots but reward caution.

###LaFoy’s Unique Approach to Course Design

When asked to share his creative process, LaFoy smiles. “For me, it starts with the land. I study topography, soil types, and natural features of the property. And I listen to the land—it tells me where the golf course should go.”

Once the natural elements are carefully considered, he brings in the strategy of golf: course length, variety of hole shapes and sizes, diversity in the short holes, par threes and par fives. The result is a unique fingerprint, a golf course that exists in harmony with its environment and provides a dynamic and engaging round for the player.

###Contributing to the Rich Myrtle Beach Golf Landscape

Among LaFoy’s proudest achievements is his design of the Diamondback Golf Course at Woodland Valley, situated in the heart of Myrtle Beach. The course stands as a testament to his ability to blend the demands of the game with the aesthetics of the South Carolina landscape. It offers a formidable but fair challenge to golfers of all skill levels.

This is what makes Myrtle Beach so special to golfers worldwide. Here, you aren’t simply checking off another course from your bucket list. Instead, you’re interacting with the vision and craftsmanship of renowned architects like John LaFoy, playing your part in the symphony between sport and nature.

In the world of golf, few relationships are as vital and undersung as that between the golfer and the course architect. Behind every triumph or frustration on the field, there’s a designer like LaFoy, carefully crafting the balance, the challenge, and the beauty of our beloved terrain.

Whether you’re a golfer looking for your next vacation destination or a Myrtle Beach local wondering about the genius behind your weekend round, I hope you’ve gained some insight into the world of golf course architecture. And perhaps, you’ve also come to appreciate the vital role that respected architects like John LaFoy play in the Myrtle Beach golf community.

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