Best Golf Course Photography Spots in Myrtle Beach

Title: Capturing the Fairways – Best Golf Course Photography Spots in Myrtle Beach

Whether you are a golf enthusiast, a seasoned professional photographer, or simply a visual storyteller with a love for picturesque landscapes, Myrtle Beach’s award-winning golf courses offer an abundance of stunning photography spots. Known as the “Golf Capital of the World”, this coastal city in South Carolina boasts an enviable diversity of scenic golf landscapes that provide countless opportunities to capture a perfect shot.

The first magical glimpse of the Myrtle Beach golf experience must be the Dunes Golf and Beach Club. Designed by the legendary Robert Trent Jones, this award-winning golf course is among the most photographed in the region. An immediately striking feature here is the infamous 13th hole, nicknamed “Waterloo”. This par-5 dogleg wraps around Lake Singleton, presenting not only a challenge for golfers but also a dazzling panorama for photographers. A camera shot during sunrise or sunset captures the breathtaking reflections mirrored on the lake, creating a dramatic backdrop for any subject.

Nestled along the Intracoastal Waterway, The Grande Dunes Resort Club is another camera-worthy destination. Known for its seven holes that majestically play along the waterway, the flowing bluish water contrasts beautifully with the vibrant green fairways. The best photo opportunity arises in the morning time, when a misty veil blankets the course. Add to it the occasional spotting of wildlife like herons and alligators, and you have an unforgettable photograph encapsulating the spirit of golf amidst nature’s calm and quietude.

A few miles south from the Grande Dunes, your lens would next be captivated by the visually stunning Barefoot Resort’s Fazio Course. The secluded location, devoid of any backyards, automotive traffic or noise distractions, presents pure, undisturbed natural beauty. Pay particular attention to the 18th hole – a gentle and beautiful par 4. With a lavish grassy fairway that dips and winds towards a well-positioned green, it creates a striking image against the clutter-free backdrop of the Carolina pine forest.

Our next stop in this photographic journey around Myrtle Beach takes us to Caledonia Golf and Fish Club. Caledonia’s charming southern ambiance resonates through its centuries-old, moss-draped Live Oak trees and expansive landscapes. The most photographed spot is the hole 18 – a majestic par-4 closing hole that requires a ferry ride across a pond abutting a stately Antebellum-style clubhouse. An evening shot overlooking the 18th green with the setting sun casting warm hues over the clubhouse’s elegant façade – is nothing short of Southern grandeur at its finest.

Topping off the list is TPC Myrtle Beach, the Tom Fazio-designed course, and among the few to earn a five-star rating by Golf Digest. Its beauty resides in its simplicity where Mother Nature is the star of the show. Yet, the most photographed image of the course would be the par-3 17th, a Redan hole, guarded by a large pond on the right. Capturing the moment a ball gracefully arcs over the hazardous pond and onto the sprawling green is a photographer’s dream come true.

Capturing Myrtle Beach’s golf courses’ splendid vistas is bound to tantalize the viewer’s senses visually. These composed frames not only narrate the stories of championship quests but also the harmonious and timeless dance between the sport and the sublime nature. Loaded with your camera gear and the insider tips, it’s time to embark on a picturesque journey along the fairways for golf and photography to clasp hands – right here in Myrtle Beach!

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  1. Does anyone have tips for balancing playing and photographing? Last time I tried, my distractions ended up costing me a few extra strokes. Still, the 13th hole at the Dunes really does look amazing during sunrise. Worth it?

  2. I’ve played at Myrtle Beach numerous times but never considered bringing a camera along. Reading this makes me think about all the shots I’ve missed (pun definitely intended). Going to dust off my old DSLR for my next trip. Great read!

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