Accessible Golf: Catering to Golfers with Disabilities in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach, widely recognized as the “Golf Capital of the World,” now wears another accolade with pride – an outstanding track record in accessibility and inclusiveness for golfers with disabilities.

A Golfer’s Paradise

Myrtle Beach is a must-visit for any golf enthusiast. A beautiful coastal city located in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach abounds in sun-soaked beaches and over 100 beautifully maintained golf courses throughout its Grand Strand. However, it’s not just the picturesque settings or the high-quality courses that make Myrtle Beach an exceptional golfing destination. A key factor that sets it apart is its commitment to making the sport accessible to everyone, regardless of physical limitations.

A Commitment to Inclusivity

The city’s impeccable golf courses are designed with the idea of inclusivity and harmony. Special provisions are made to cater to golfers with disabilities, ensuring they enjoy a fulfilling and challenging game. Bricks and beams make way for ramps, and steps give way to slopes, making navigation around the course easier for wheelchair users. Furthermore, several courses are equipped with access paths for mobility scooters and specially adapted golf carts.

Accessible Golf Carts

Significant efforts are made to ensure mobility on the green. SoloRider is the name that revolutionized the accessible golf cart industry. It is essentially a single-seat golf car that enables a person with mobility issues to play golf. These carts are specifically designed to offer exceptional balance and notable comfort, along with the capability to get on and off with ease. These carts are made with mobility and stability blankets that protect the green. Many Myrtle Beach courses also have them available.

Golf Training and Support

Myrtle Beach is home to a host of golf clinics and training programs aimed specifically at individuals with disabilities. These programs focus on introducing and teaching golf to individuals with different abilities, besides providing them with necessary support and encouragement. Unique training techniques and specially designed golfing equipment aid in making golf learning a comfortable, enjoyable, and rewarding activity.

Golf Tournaments for the Specially-Abled

In the spirit of inclusiveness, Myrtle Beach organizes various golf tournaments throughout the year exclusively for golfers with disabilities. These tournaments not only provide a platform for these golfers to showcase their skills and sportsmanship spirit, but they also promote camaraderie, inclusiveness, and interpersonal connections among participants.

A Testimony to Accessibility

Myrtle Beach’s commitment to accessibility extends beyond the golf course. The city boasts a range of accommodations equipped with features like ramps, widening doors, and lowering sinks to cater to visitors with disabilities. Furthermore, many recreational beach areas with wheelchair-friendly boardwalks and beach wheelchairs available on request add to the city’s accessibility.


In a nutshell, Myrtle Beach has embarked on a commendable journey of accessibility and inclusion, making it a coveted golfing destination. It’s not just the fairways but the spirit of the city that embraces everyone, offering an opportunity for every golf enthusiast to engage in the sport they love. The efforts of the city are a giant leap toward a more inclusive world, where sports such as golf become accessible to all. It’s not just about the game; it’s about the inclusive spirit that Myrtle Beach embodies — a spirit that says ‘yes, you can.’ It makes Myrtle Beach not just a golfing paradise, but a beacon of accessibility and inclusivity.

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