Aberdeen Country Club

A Glimpse into Aberdeen Country Club

Nestled in the heart of South Carolina’s tranquil Lowcountry surroundings lies the Aberdeen Country Club, one of Myrtle Beach’s most prolific golfing treasures. Known formerly as Buck Creek, the club holds a place of pride in the extensive roster of world-class golf courses that Myrtle Beach is so passionately reputed for.

A Unique Three-in-One Offering

What sets Aberdeen Country Club apart from its counterparts is its unique three-in-one course design. It covers 27 holes spread evenly across three distinct nine-hole courses—The Highlands, Meadows, and Woodlands—giving ambitious golfers a chance to conquer varying terrains and challenges.

The Highlands course is characterized by extensive open spaces and lush undulating greens. The Meadows exposes a golfer’s adaptability by presenting flora-lined fairways and intricately placed sand traps, and Woodlands tends to test the precision and strategy of players with tight, tree-lined fairways and well-protected, elusive greens.

Scottish Inspiration

The Aberdeen Country Club draws a great deal of inspiration from the Royal Aberdeen Golf Club’s design in Scotland. The wide fairways, swirling winds, strategic bunkering, and large greens mimic the renowned Scottish style, offering a slice of traditional golfing experience to the American shores.

Warm Reception and Exceptional Amenities

The reception and hearty hospitality at Aberdeen Country Club are often applauded by golfers. The staff ensures a smooth, swift, and enjoyable round of golf for everyone. Moreover, the club offers exceptional amenities such as a practice green, a driving range, a well-stocked pro shop, and a lovely clubhouse that overlooks the 9th green of the Meadows course.

For the hungry golfer, there’s also a delightful grill room where one can enjoy refreshing beverages and a delicious assortment of meals after a good game. The scenic views from the clubhouse are a relaxation therapy in itself, allowing you to unwind as much as the game itself.

Friendly Yet Challenging

The Aberdeen Country Club strikes a beautiful balance between being beginner-friendly without losing appeal to seasoned golfers. For beginners, the course offers maximum playability and an opportunity to learn on the greens, while experienced golfers find the layout challenging, with the chance to try out different tactics on different courses.

The course conditions at Aberdeen Country Club – whether it’s the speed of the greens, the well-manicured fairways, or the pristine cart paths – are impeccable. Tom Jackson, the designer of Aberdeen Country Club, has rightfully earned 4.5 stars from Golf Digest for creating a course that doesn’t need to be tamed, but instead, invites golfers to immerse in its charm and thrill.

Weather Resilient

In terms of weather resilience, the club offers an excellent golfing venue throughout the year. However, the course shines bright during the summer months when Bermuda grass verges on the fairways flourish, creating sharp-edged hazards. This not only makes the game interesting but also paints a picture-perfect landscape that will leave you spellbound.


Aberdeen Country Club, with its vast, open spaces, lush greens, and a strong Scottish heritage, has a rightful place in the heart of every golf lover. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or aiming for your first hole-in-one, Aberdeen’s unique three-course offering ensures that your thirst for this gentleman’s game is quenched adequately. So, if you haven’t had the pleasure of teeing off at Aberdeen, make sure you add it to your Myrtle Beach golfing itinerary. It’s an experience every golfer should enjoy at least once in their lifetime.

6 thoughts on “Aberdeen Country Club”

  1. Played this gem last month. The Scottish inspiration is not just in the name, folks. The winds indeed remind me of Royal Aberdeen.

  2. Wow! Gilmore, your writing always paints such a vivid picture! I feel like I just took a stroll around Aberdeen. Can’t wait to try the Woodlands out, seems like it’ll test my strategy and precision. Perfect!

  3. Was there a few years back. Loved it then and I’m sure it’s only gotten better. The tranquillity of Myrtle Beach and these courses is just pure bliss.

  4. Haha, reading this I’ve got the sudden urge to trade in my couch for a golf cart and the MEadows course! Scottish heritage, various terrains, who could resist that. Are there any member discounts?

  5. Aberdeen’s on my list, no doubts! Scottish golf experience in South Carolina, don’t mind if I do! Places like these keep me excited about golf.

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