A PGA Tour Experience: TPC of Myrtle Beach

Title: A PGA Tour Experience: Teeing It Up at the TPC of Myrtle Beach

It was an immaculate morning with a hint of oceanic breeze tenderly sweeping off the palm trees as I stepped onto the first tee at Tom Fazio’s gem, the TPC of Myrtle Beach, one of South Carolina’s most celebrated golf courses. For a golf enthusiast and a Myrtle Beach local like me, playing where the professionals play is truly an adrenaline-charged experience. Today, I invite readers of our esteemed magazine to join me in this exclusive immersion of a PGA Tour experience while I explore the charm, challenge, and character of the Tournament Players Club of Myrtle Beach.

Situated on the sun-bathed southeastern coastline, the TPC of Myrtle Beach offers golfers an unparalleled PGA Tour experience, boasting a layout that has seen the victories of legends like Tom Watson and Lanny Wadkins. Built in 1999 and designed by acclaimed architects Tom Fazio and Lanny Watkins, the course merges natural beauty with a challenging layout that tests not only your golf skills but also your strategic decision-making.

Strolling across the 6,950 yards of manicured emerald greens, you’re drawn towards the unique camaraderie of each hole as it harmonizes with the surrounding scenic vistas, marshland, and towering pines. It is an enticing canvas that demands precision from the first tee to the last. Its undulating terrain, numerous water hazards, and finely sculpted bunkers, all pay a perfect tribute to the traditional design elements of the sport.

A mention of the course is not complete without acknowledging hole #18. A par 5, this closing hole tests golfers with its swift water current spanning the entire length of the right flank demanding a trio of distinct shots. It is the grand finale of a player’s tour, a hole that leaves golfers simultaneously yearning and fretting for more.

Of course, no PGA tour experience would be complete without the course conditions mimicking the standards of a professional competition. TPC of Myrtle Beach, a Golf Digest five-star facility, has maintained its reputation for having some of the finest putting surfaces in the southeastern United States. Former PGA Tour commissioner, Deane Beman, once mentioned that the greens at TPC of Myrtle Beach are the closest to a PGA Tour caliber he’d ever seen. The meticulously maintained MiniVerde Ultradwarf Bermuda Grass provides a consistent and firm surface that helps professionals perform their best.

Despite its challenging layout, the course offers an array of tee boxes, allowing golfers of all proficiencies to choose their own level of difficulty. This considerate design ensures that every visitor, from novices to seasoned golfers, enjoys this masterpiece in their own stride, keeping their spirits high and anxieties minimal.

Beyond just the greens, TPC of Myrtle Beach clubhouse is another tale of allure. Swanky locker rooms and pro-shop, state-of-the-art practice facilities, the Dustin Johnson Golf School, and the famed Champions Pub, quintessentially give golfers a chance to live the PGA tour life, even off the course. The very walls of the structures breathe anecdotes and pictures of the past champions, golfing legends, and moments of victories, losses, and resplendent sportsmanship.

A visit to TPC of Myrtle Beach is not only a golf round, it’s a holistic PGA Tour experience. From teeing off amid the backdrop of serene low-country marshlands to sharing the very greens where the champions have etched their glory, it’s a journey drenched in the love for golf.

As I signed off my scorecard on that perfect day, with the echo of my last putt still resonating in my ears, I realized that playing TPC of Myrtle Beach is more than a test of golfing acumen; it’s a beautiful challenge that brings golfers face to face with their sport’s heritage, their skills, and even their nerves. And that’s the mark of a truly great golf course.

In conclusion, TPC of Myrtle Beach offers an enthralling playground that should be a must-hit on every golfer’s bucket list. It stands out as an anthropological pilgrimage for golf lovers, draped amidst nature’s sublime charm, and carefully curated to preserve golf’s glorious past, celebrate its engaging present and inspire its glorious future.

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  1. Great read! Had the pleasure of playing TPC Myrtle Beach a few years back and it certainly lives up to the hype. The variety of tee boxes are a godsend for every handicap, and truly do make the experience enjoyable for all levels. The course maintenance is top notch; those greens are something else. The condition of the course really does elevate the playing experience to that ‘PGA tour feel’. Looking forward to returning soon.

  2. I totally relate to that closing hole (#18) description. The anticipation and pressure, coupled with the picturesque distraction of the layout – it’s like you’re torn between the beauty of the place and the tension of the game. On another note, I’m curious – do they take beginners at the Dustin Johnson Golf School? Asking for a… friend.

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